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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life is made up of moments

In looking back over my life it is not the huge accomplishments or the fantastic that I cherish the most. The times that bring the most joy are the moments of peaceful contentment or loving exchanges.

My mother is staying with me for a while so she can go to Cleveland Clinic. Today is her birthday.

Yesterday I had a few friends over for supper. We laughed and talked, read silly cards and told stories of our lives. Looking around the room at smiling faces and knowing that each of us had been impacted by mother, I had a warm feeling.

A joy of a life well lived. A contentment that life just doesn't get better than this. A knowledge that all of our lives are better because we had shared them together.

Love. Love and family commitment is the greatest gift God can give.

Hug your loved ones. Celebrate your lives together. Understand a little more about God's love by seeing Him in those around you.

Esther Magdalene Crocker (Maggie, Memaw, Mom)
June 12, 1928
79 years young

God loves you,



Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that your birthday was a blessed one, I am sure that you did in fact have a wonderful birthday. After all you were with loved ones! May they never forget all the blessings and joys that you have brought to them with your life and all the examples you have showed them as well as all of life's lessons. Also may they never forget that if it weren't for you they wouldn't have been here. You are a blessing and have brought many blessings to others with your life and you strong dedication to the Lord. My prayer for you today Mrs. Crocker is that you do have the mind of Christ and the memory of the just is blessed and may you live a long productive life in the Lord as you have always been doing. God bless you and may you enjoy the rest of your visit here in OH. You are loved!

Debbie Jansen said...

Thanks Marla for the good wishes. I read them to Mom and she was thrilled to hear from you. She appreciates all the wonderful cards and letters she has received. You have been an inspiration to us both. Thank you for your prayers.

Blessed to Be! said...

Debbie today I got a chance to meet your mom and all I can say is Oh My God! For I am still trying to figure out just who it was I really met today. For I was just sitting at KFC over hearing her and her husband minister to a man behind them and share their testimony. When they had finished I just had to go up and introduce myself to her. She had given both of my girls quarters and she had touched mylife so much today that I currently am wordless... When I read her website I was amazed to see how she has a gift to befriend strangers and I sat there reading that like WOW I saw that happen right before my very eyes at her age and she inspired my faith to of course be more vocal even when I am eating. I came home and looked her up on the web and found her and you. So please don't mind me if I check in on her from time to time by you. I prayed for her health today in the middle of KFC due to her request for I as well am a minister of the Gospel thus the reason why she touched my life abundantly. For when I heard her speak for I knew I was no longer just having an ordinary day but it was now shifted to an extra ordinary day. Another amazing thing we discovered was that she had the church built of the one I used to attend years ago so I got a chance to meet my history. How God is that! I am still amazed and look forward to reading some of your other blogs. Blessings abundantly Sepia