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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Be all you can Be - A truly Godly statement

I'm reading a wonderful book. "If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat", by John Ortberg

I think the saddest counseling I've ever done is with people who have not reached their potential. Their conversation is full of "could have", "should have" and "I was going to". This country is filled with congregations and hosts of people who take pride and pleasure in being spiritual and mental couch potatoes. Most of the time it isn't due to laziness but rather fear. A fear of rejection or a fear of failure. (I know that's my problem.)

This book uses the wonderful story of Peter walking on the water to illustrate God's plan for his children. Buy or checkout the book. It's wonderful reading full of hope, encouragement and excitement about reaching your full potential.

In chapter two he talks about God's gift to us - our talents. He uses the story of the rich man who gave three men various talents to see what they would do with them. Here's one of my favorite quotes...

Anytime a gift is given, the recipient must choose to respond in one of two ways.

The first way says……. “This gift is so valuable it can’t be risked.

The second way says… “This gift is so valuable it must be risked.

There is no tragedy like the tragedy of the unopened gift.
WOW! That says it all! Think about it. Be all you can be today. Reach your God given potential. I dare you.
God loves you,

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