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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Mothers are amazing creatures. They are living examples of executive leadership. They can organize anything and can bring an entire family together in less time than a CEO can find new direction for one department of his company. Mothers make it happen for a family.

But Fathers give the happening depth. Fathers find fun in any situation and give their children strength to handle life's ups and downs. Mothers send a barrage of commands after children but just one word from a Father and lives are changed. Fathers show love wrapped in deep respect. Fathers help their children see purpose in life and give them the will to be their best.

Mothers build the aircraft (child) but Fathers are the wind that lifts the aircraft and causes it to soar.

Perhaps your definition of Father is much different. Perhaps your Father did not give you wings to soar. But there is one who will. Our Heavenly Father makes up for all the times our earthly Fathers let us down. Our Heavenly Father can teach you how to love and soar and continue to be your best in this world. Our Heavenly Father can heal all the hurts that your earthly Father may have caused.

And if you have been as lucky as my children and I have been - if your earthly Father is an extension of your Heavenly Father, then you are truly blessed.

Happy Father's Day to every Father. May you have a wonderful time with your children and may this be a blessed day for your family.

God loves you,


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