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Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Boloney Sandwich

In his book, "See you at the House" - Bob Benson tells the story of A Baloney Sandwich.

It's a beautiful story about a man who was rushing to an old-fashioned Sunday School picnic. It was the kind of picnic where everyone brought something and everyone shared. But as he prepared to go all he had was "one dried up piece of baloney and just enough mustard in the bottom of the jar that you got it all over your knuckles trying to get to it."

He goes on to talk about sitting at the end of a table by a smiling family as they anticipated their meal. The mother had spent the entire morning preparing and had fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad and homemade rolls. She also had all the trimmings accompanied by two chocolate pies.

When these kind people saw what he brought they said, "Why don't we just put it all together? We love baloney sandwiches." After a lot of refusing but hoping he wasn't taken seriously - he agreed.

...."And so you did and there you sat, eating like a king when you came like a pauper."

He goes on to teach us what God has been saying that for a long time. We come to him with our miserable lives and our broken dreams and he says - "Why don't you take what you have and what you are, and I will take what I have and what I am, and we'll share it together."

Bob goes on to explain how wonderful it is to share with God. He has a hard time understanding the people who are so afraid of losing what they have that they hang on to it with everything they can.

"It really amuses me to see somebody running along through life hanging on to their dumb bag with that stale baloney sandwich in it saying, "God's not going to get my sandwich! No, siree, this is mine!" Did you ever see anybody like that --- so needy --- just about half starved to death yet hanging on for dear life. It's not that God needs your sandwich. The fact is, you need his chicken!"

Way to Go Bob! It couldn't be said any better than that.

I hope that all of you go out and have a wonderful Saturday.

Giggle with your children.

Kiss someone you love.

Have a picnic with some neighbors.

But most of all realize that God wants to share with you. He wants to spread a king's meal before you. He wants to enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams.

God loves you,


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