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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Help me pray for Jessie Davis

Jessie Davis, the missing mother of Canton, Ohio lives just a mile from my house.

There's been a lot going on here. I've watched the progress on Fox News and prayed for all those involved. I stood on my front porch and listened to the helicoptors overhead - and prayed. I walked around my house looking for anything unusual - and prayed. I was eating lunch when a group of about 10 people walked through my yard searching. I called to them and told them I was praying for them.

I can't imagine waiting to find out if your child is alive or dead. I can't imagine growing up knowing someone murdered you Mom.(if that is the case) I can't imagine never feeling closure to a precious part of your life.

I don't know the family but I'm asking that you join with me in prayer that they will feel the comfort of God no matter what happens. Ask that all those involved: police, fire, searchers, investigators, family, friends and television spectators, etc. - Ask that all those people feel the hand of God tugging at their hearts and his love and compassion filling the air they breathe.

Praying defines a Christian. Praying is simply taking our requests to God and finding a way to communicate with diety. Communicate with God today. Ask him to be real to you. Ask him to be real to those you know. And ask him to be real to those you have compassion for.

"Dear God, please save America. Comfort Jessie Davis's family. Guide those involved and let everyone resolve to the fact that you are our source of strength."

God loves you,


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