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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pastor's Corner

Have you ever wished you could sit down with a wise pastor and pick his/her brain?  Well now you can.  Welcome to Pastor's Corner.  We will present a question to the following ministers and post their answers.  If you would like to be a guest minister, send your bio and picture to

If you would like to ask the ministers a question, send your question to  Please label your e-mail "Question for Pastor's Corner".

Dr. Ken Crocker has been a minister, pastor, evangelist and missionary for over 60 years.  He has preached all around the world.  He has written thousands of articles, been an editor for the Haggai Institute and had a popular radio program. His doctoral Biblical studies will offer us great insight into our spiritual journey.  This picture was taken just after he preached to a group of Buddhist Monks and told them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  You can check out his website at

Ken Jansen is a music pastor with a masters in music.  His biblical studies have provided a strong structure for his music and his walk with God.  His video, The Reinvention of Ken gives an insight into how hard he has worked to change his life and strengthen his walk with God. Ken will add a texture to our studies that will touch your life.

Debbie Jansen has a way of bringing Christ into the Kitchen.  Her ministry is built on "telling it like it is" and creating "real life" stories that help listeners to weave Christian principles into their daily lives.  Her website is

We hope you will join us for "The Pastor's Corner" as we search the scripture for Truth.

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