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Sunday, August 22, 2010

You can't fix "stupid"

After writing a blog asking if America was incompetent, a very nice person questioned what I had written.  I replied to his/her comments and apologized for publishing anything that wasn't true or wasn't proper.  In this Internet - free floating barge of comments - it's often hard to check on every e-mail that I receive - even from good friends. 

However, the nice, extremely polite anonymous person continued pushing that I was somehow persecuting the left.  His next two comments were not published because he had missed the point (maybe my fault) about the blog entry. Is America Incompetent? My point was NOT about the left being dumber than the right or that conservatives are smarter than liberals.  I don't believe that.  But....what I do believe is that this country is seeking out and publicizing "stupid". 

I'll admit it.  I've always been prejudice.  I love blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans and Africans.  I love little people, big people, short people, tall people and really really fat people.  I even like skinny people.  I like people that can sing and those that can't.  I like people who smile at me and those who simply look the other way.  What I can't stand and will proudly announce that I'm prejudice against is STUPID people.  Ignorant little jerks who graduate college and proceed to tell me they know more than I do about life need a quick kick in the backside.  Dumb millionaire celebrities that think our lives are somehow enriched while we watch them squander a fortune on booze and fake bodies and then want me to think they are smart just because they made a lot of money dragging the rest of our spineless youth into sex and drugs - give me a break!  They are stupid and dumb and don't deserve any attention at all. 

Don't get me started on politicians.  We have a boat load of ignorant stupid government officials who couldn't intelligently explain how to get out of a paper bag.  Those types are the ones that deliver fuzzy math, have a string of miss-statements or miss spoke (translation - I lied!) and as my grandmother would say, "Could steal the hat off your head while they were a-talking to you!"  Unfortunately my friend - all political parties are infected with the dreaded "stupid" disease.  The only anecdote...."when the general masses (public opinion) begins to demand "excellence and intelligence".

That's what's wrong with our country.  We are becoming more and more incompetent because (as I stated) we let ignorant people get away with thinking they are smart.  I don't care if it's a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Indian Chief.  If he makes a dumb statement, he should be called on the carpet for it. 

And why am I so angry about this????  Because you can't fix stupid!  You can fix a car tire, the economy, our faith, the water heater or even a crushed bone.....but you can't fix stupid.  Stupid will just keep going and going until someone gets mad enough to look them in the eye and say, "Hey stupid, get an education, get a real job, get a life....don't be so stupid."  Stupid will keep reproducing until the general public takes the stage and refuses to let "stupid" be heard anymore.  Stupid is evil and will take down even the largest country.  Forget his precious feelings, forget her sad little face.  If it's stupid it needs to be rejected!

I am not allowed to watch reality shows on TV.  Why?  My husband can't stand the yelling.  The entire time I'm watching I'm fussing about how stupid these people are.  And....I just don't understand people that want to get on national TV so everyone can see how ignorant they really are!  Duh!  How's that for stupid.  At least the dumbest of the dumb when I was attending school (eons ago) knew enough to try to hide how stupid they were.  At least they had friends and family that was loving enough to let them know when they were being stupid.  Now....we don't.  How pitiful that some dumb little teen gets on national TV squawking like a wounded bird.  Didn't anyone love that child enough to tell them that they sound like a junk yard crushing metal?  Can't anyone stand up and tell some young man that's eat up with the stupids that he doesn't have enough intelligence to get a loan for a car much less run for public office!  That's what's so pitiful.  Is there no one in a Stupid person's life that loves them enough to spare them public ridicule? 

I was watching the news the other night about this guy named Greene who's running for office in South Carolina.  I felt so sorry for him.  He thinks the attention from regular news media is good, yet everyone of them and 99.9% of their listeners are laughing so hard on the inside that they need a depends.  And this guy is looking at the camera like he's a serious candidate.  Please!  Someone love him enough to say, "Don't do this!"  It doesn't matter what side this bozo is on.  Even Forrest Gump knew..."Stupid is as stupid does."

Sorry dear friend that posted very mannerly comments.  Thank you for doing that.  But...I still hold to my belief - you can't fix "stupid".  God may love you and I may love you even if you are stupid.....but that doesn't mean I'm going to turn over something important to you. just can't fix stupid.

God loves you,


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