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Monday, August 23, 2010

A class Act....that's one of the reasons he was my President!

I spend a lot of time looking at motives.  Motives tell you a lot about a person and their character.  One of the reasons I liked Bush so much is because when his motives are revealed.....he is a man of honor. 

Someone sent me an e-mail about President Bush.  I went to the facebook page for the USO and found that it was true. 

Imagine being a "past" president who did NOT have to work on his image.  Imagine having enough money to do exactly what you want to do every day of your life.  Imagine being your own boss with no expectations about your current influence. 

Knowing that doing nothing was perfectly okay, what type of person would get up and decide to go meet a plane from Iraq?  A man of honor.  A man of class.  A man who truly appreciated the people he was trying to honor. 

Now imagine getting off the plane.  You are a tired and weary soldier.  You are so glad to be home but you aren't expecting anyone except family.  You walk down the long runway and at the end of the trail you see an older man and woman smiling at you.  He reaches out his hand.  You blink twice and realize that the former President of the United States and his lovely wife have made the effort to meet your plane and say "Thank you". 

Now that's a class act!

The pictures were taken in the morning, 11 August 2010 at DFW Airport. George and Laura Bush greeted 150 (very surprised) troops as they arrived home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Their expressions were so priceless!

To view these pictures and more, go to the following link USO Facebook album of President Bush meeting the troops

God bless you President and Mrs. Bush

God loves you,


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