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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to "One Nation Under God"

I totally agree with Glenn Beck that a huge part of America's problems begins with the lack of knowledge about our founding fathers and the wonderful way this country began.  I've joined the site American Minute.  Even if you don't choose to support them, they will send you an e-mail a day about the founders and history of this country.  These history lessons are extremely short and can be read and discussed at the family table or on the way to music lessons.  If you choose not to join their site, I plan to post many of them here.

What a wonderful way to help your children to love America!
Calvin Coolidge - September 21, 1924

Nathan Hale

Fisher Ames

Thomas Cooley

The Power To Tax - John Marshall

Daniel Boone

Johnathan Edwards

Dr. Louis Pasteur

Francis Scott Key

Rev. John Harvard 

President William Howard Taft

John Langdon

Astronaut - Buzz Aldrin

George Washington Farewell Address

John Paul Jones

Samuel Adams

Govenor William Bradford

George Washington Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Mason

George Whitefield & Ben Franklin

Lincoln - The Emancipation Proclamation

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