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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Darlene's Daily

Darlene Mooberry is a dear friend of mine.  She is in her 80's but still gets up at 4am every morning to search the internet for fun stuff to send to her friends.  Here's today's e-mail from Darlene....


"We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons." ~ Alfred E. Neuman ~***~'''~***~'''~***~'''~***~'''~***~'''~***~'''~***~'''~***~'''~***~

Two political candidates were having a hot debate. Finally, one of them jumped up and yelled at the other ,"What about the powerful interest that controls you?"

And the other guy screamed back, "You leave my wife out of this!"


"I'm not saying that the customer service in my bank is bad, but I went in the other day and asked the clerk
to check my balance. She leaned over and pushed me!"


A Desert Love Story!

Once upon a time there was once a very handsome male camel with two huge camel humps.  He fell in love and married a beautiful female camel who had one perfect camel hump.

As time progressed, they became the proud parents of a wonderful baby camel who had no humps.

They contemplated long and hard on what to call their beautiful little boy.

Naturally, they decided on'Humphrey'.

Oh, stop groaning, it's a very nice story!


"A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking." ~Unknown

Thanks so much Darlene,

God loves you,


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