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Monday, September 27, 2010

Why would anyone want to have children now?

Our country is in chaos!  Our world is on the verge of another world war!  Murder, drugs, crime - it's all over America and the world.  Why would any young couple want to have children now?

What if your child will be the person God had designed to bring this country back to Him?  What if your child was destined to be the next Billy Graham or the next great gospel singer or the mother of the minister that would show millions to Christ?  What if your child was God's pick for the president of the United States in 2040?  What if your child is one of many that will join together to fight against the loss of our religious freedoms?  Maybe she's to be the next great missionary and will have the powerful words that will change millions of muslims or atheists or buddist or whatever to God.  What if your child may face danger....but his/her heroic acts will destroy the next Hitler?

"But Debbie, is it fair to bring a child into a life where he may suffer?"

"Suffering is a part of life.  We all suffer in many ways.  The only thing that makes our measly little lives count is that we Overcome suffering and that we get through those hard times with grace and with honor and with dignity.  Avoiding pain while others suffer is the coward's way out.  It's sad that even if your child isn't've still made him a coward.  You've made the choice for him."

"I'm not making that choice just because I don't want to see him suffer!"

"Yes, you are.  You are saying to the world that your bloodline has nothing to offer.  You couldn't possibly have a child that would be a strong hero or that would offer ideas and plans for a better future.  Your only hope is that you give your child an easy enough time so he wouldn't have to work hard.  You have said to the world and more importantly to God that you will not allow your future child the opportunity to be a major player in God's plan?  Do you have that right?"

I hope you will watch this terrifying video and tell all your friends about it.  The best way to conquer any country or any religion is quietly - by simply over populating them with another culture.  God have mercy on us!  While we play church and go about our selfish lives....the enemy creeps closer. you hate muslims? Asolutely NOT! But...I do think their religion or cult or whatever you want to call it is a threat to freedom of religion and other social freedoms. They believe that they have a right to kill infidels and they define that as anyone who is not muslim. When they enter a country it is not with the intent to blend in but rather to force their lifestyle and opinions on others. That is the danger. I have a link in the sidebar that will take you to a website Islam - Religion of peace? that will not only explain what they believe but will also list the ways they intend to carry out their missions. The most striking thing for me was to learn that they believe in lying. Lying to the infidel is not only taught it is rewarded.

I simply think we need to be informed and we need to be pro-active. I can't be the frog that thinks he's soaking in a nice hot tub only to find out too late that he's being boiled to death!

God loves you,


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