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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What should a Christian look like?

Over the next few months I'll be posting to a category called "The Christian". 
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This category isn't about the outward "looks" of a Christian.  This category is about the whole man/woman.  The thoughts, beliefs, actions, motives, desires, looks and reputation of the Christian.

The definition of the word Christian is....
1.  A person professing belief in Jesus as the Christ, or in the religion based on the teaching of Jesus.

used as a adj.  it means.....
1.  of Jesus Christ or his teachings
2.  of or professing the religion based on these teachings
3.  having the qualities demonstrated and taught by Jesus Christ, as love, kindness, humility, etc..
4. of or representing Christians or Christianity
5.  humane, decent, etc...

But....the word that most Christians use to define their label is...."Christ - like"

Have you ever met a person who claims to be a Christian and yet...hasn't studied enough about Christ to know what that would look like?  A lot of churches have stopped having Sunday school.  Now instead of a deeper walk through the Bible and a systematic way to teach our children about the Bible, we have discussion groups in homes.  Most of the time the emphasis is on visiting and eating rather than on real Bible study.  The result - people who claim to be Christians but have no idea what that really means.

I even had one immature person say...."Just give me a list and I'll do what's on it."  While that type of reduction of the Christian faith won't produce a true Christian - perhaps it will lead all of us into a deeper discussion of what's currently missing in our faith.

I hope you will join me here for "short" discussions about the traits and values of "The Christian"

#1 Love me - Obey my commandments

God loves you,


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