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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

America - a confusing place for our youth

Wisdom is the merging of all thought and the ability to discern the nuggets of truth in that thought.

America has always stood for the freedom of the individual.  This is a good thing.

America promotes education and information.  This too is a good thing.

America stands for free speech and freedom of thought and freedom of religion.....but for how long?

I've thought about this post for two days now.  Those of you who can follow logical reasoning and proper transference of information won't have a problem with my point.  Those who are incapable of seeing all sides or judging a situation based on "all" facts will probably give me grief about this post. 

I just don't understand how "supposedly" intelligent people can tell lies with a straight face.  To me, a lie is not only misrepresenting the truth - but it's also when you refuse to look at "all" the facts or truths.  Lying also applies to a person who does the same thing you are doing but will twist it to make you look like you are in the wrong while their improper actions are somehow void of wrongdoing. 

This last week-end we had a horrible tragedy.  A deranged man walked into a crowd of innocent people and took lives.  There is no punishment too awful for this man.  When I read about the victims - especially the nine year old girl - I cried and then I was enraged!  This is a horrible act and we should find a way to stop this kind of insanity.

BUT....HOLD ON LIBERALS AND GOVERNMENT!  It's impossible to legislate good/honorable/productive/proper behavior!  Trying to legislate good behavior is like putting a band-aid on a man who's leg was cut off.  He's bleeding to death and you stick a band-aid on the side of his leg, smile and walk away proudly announcing - "I fixed the problem with my band-aid".  NO - idiot! You didn't fix the problem you just like to brag and think you did.

Legislation is not the problem.  We are already legislated to death.  Here's the real problem....

1.  For years lawmakers and businessmen and psychiatrists have told the American public that violent movies, violent games and violent - raging - music can't be held accountable for "weak" people who may be affected by the Art.

If you are going to believe that nonsense (I have a lot of proof against this) - then someone verbally raging against a politician or anyone else - can't be held accountable for the action of the crazy.  If violent movies, violent games and violent music can't control a man's mind - what his neighbor or the tea party or a telelvision commentator says won't change his mind either.

2.  For years psychologist have told the American public that bad parenting, non-involved parenting and dysfunctional homes can't be held accountable for the actions of children within those homes.

If parents who know what's going on with their children can't be held accountable - why would it matter what some television commentator says?

3.  For years medical know-it-alls have told us that marijuana doesn't lead to hard drugs and doesn't impair a person's mental or emotional state of mind. 

Why then are these same people so concerned about drinking and pregnancy, obesity, smoking, over the counter medications, etc?  I found a new study they are doing that suggests chemicals in our water, our foods and our polluted air are causing all types of problems - including mental illness.  If these things can affect us - why not marijuana?

4.  For years the American public has been told that it doesn't matter what happens in public schools.  Bullying will make your child tough.  Reading unacceptable material will open your child's world.  Teaching them about different lifestyles will help them to be tolerant.  And every year passes our children become more confused about their world and about their own individuality. 

If our children spend 70% of their time at school during any one week - why is there no accountability for what they are being taught.  Why doesn't the school curriculum share some of the blame.

4.  If you look back in history, there have been some awful times for this country.  Times when people had to face horrible dangers on a daily basis.  The problem for me is that if you take an "honest" look at history - you will discover six important truths.

         A.  When God is a central part of a society, individual freedom is stronger and it is accompanied by a better way of life.
         B.  Like Back to the Future Part II, when evil is allowed unlimited freedom - society suffers and individual freedom is almost non-existent.  (Socialist - Hitler times)
        C.  When a country refuses to define what they stand for, they open the door for evil to rise to the top and conquer.  Evil and Good can NOT co-exist. 
        D.  There is always a fight between good and evil.  If you try to make evil good and accept evil unconditionally - evil will conquer!  It's their nature and it will happen.  The only way to stop it is to define and punish evil.
        E.  The heart of a good man can never be turned by evil.  The heart of an evil man has only one hope - God.  Evil never gives up control easily.  It will take more than normal teaching or simple legislation to change an evil heart.
       F.  You can't regulate or legislate good.  Your only hope is to "grow" good men and women.  Governments can only reward good behavior and punish bad.  They can't change the hearts of men.

Having said all that, this discussion about who said what and caused some crazy lunatic to pick up a gun becomes the rantings of idiots who don't understand human nature or sociology.

When someone takes the time to look at the gunman's life, you will find that his environment and habits had a lot to do with this senseless act.  If his parents didn't take the time to show him how to properly deal with his anger - that's a huge part of why he felt it was necessary to pick up a gun.  If his parents didn't work to build his self-esteem - that's a huge part of why he felt a need to be noted even if it was for an evil act.  If his parents didn't show him "the way to a good life" (yet he watches others obtaining a good life)  his frustration at not knowing how to achieve it would cause him to act in a violent way.  If he took drugs or was a regular user of marijuana his brain would not be able to process information properly.  If he was a regular listener of raging music (dare I call it music) or watched horror films - he would see their solutions to life as his own.

The truth is this.....

Your brain is a delicate organ.  It must be protected.  It must also be stimulated with "good" information or it can become depressed and dysfunctional.  It needs to be stimulated by soothing...good...input.  It needs to have logical information that doesn't disappoint.  It needs to have in place all the "necessary" components for a healthy life as laid out by Maslow. must be taught how to be a responsible person and that your success in life will be determined by the decisions you make.

I think the Bible said it best.  Philippians 4 is a great study of Peace in life.  But, for now, look at the great teaching in Philippians 4:8-9.

"Finally, bothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me - put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you."

That kind of says it all doesn't it.  If our government would spend more time promoting the Bible and Christian teachings - America would grow generations who would naturally come to be a society of peace.  While I hate the thought of book burnings or bans on movies or music - I do think parents should be taught that these things will hurt your child.  As responsible parents begin to refuse to purchase those items and also begin to properly administer discipline (per my book Discipline Exposed) the money for those items will diminish and the greed of producers will send them running to find "inspiring" entertainment.

Not buying it?  Look again at history.  From the late 1800's until the mid 60's there were more peaceful towns and more good people than ever before.  Why?  The great revivals.  People were concentrating on living a godly life of sacrifice.  And don't try to tell me they don't exist!  I lived in several of those small towns and Andy Griffith's Mayberry did exist! 

When new parenting philosophies began to emerge (early 50's) and children were no longer required to have boundaries - things began to change.  Add to the spoiled brat era - the fact that families became more concerned about money and possessions and less concerned about living a good life.  At that point we had spoiled brats who couldn't accept the word "no" - and who had access to even more money.  Soon they saw money as a barrier to family relationships so they rebelled.  The  hippies were born.  Their drugs soon moved their generation from peaceful nonsence to frustration, anger and rage.  Parents were angry at their children and those children hated their parents.  Parents decided that their lives were ruined and they fell into the same practices of drugs and alcohol that their children were experiencing. 

Now begins the legacy of generations that have no connection to good examples of honorable, decent lives committed to living the good life.  Even if these bratty children wanted to return to the good life - their parents don't have the information needed to get them there.

Enter the arts and movie industry who was glad to cater to a raging generation as long as they could depleate them of their money.  It didn't matter that they were helping to create a generation that felt anger, bulling, sex and extreme violence was simply a way of life - as long as the money continued to flow - the mental health of young children didn't matter.  Now we have terror in our schools and on public streets.  We have young children losing their talents, their abilities and the hope of a better future - all because we have allowed evil to rise to the top and conquer.  (Does anyone else despise reality shows that highlight ignorant, violent, low class behavior?)

It took several generations to turn out men like the mass murderers we have today.  It did not come from the recent resurgence of men and women who want to return this country to it's Godly peaceful roots.  Evil didn't just happen because a few good men voiced their distaste for the men and women who promote evil.  It took a long time for this evil to rise and it will take a long time for dedicated honorable people to "grow" new generations of hope and peace.

I do hope others will also rise to the top and begin the conversation about "training" our generation and the next on how to have a good life.  That's why I offer so many classes.  I will come to your church or organization and train you and your people on the specifics of family dynamics.  Don't be fooled into accepting the current way of life.  There are answers!  You and your family can live a better life filled with hope and peace.

God loves you,


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