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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Donkey

Since the symbol of the democratic party is a donkey....I think it's okay to use an old euphemism I've heard many times.

"If the donkey kicks me once it's his fault.....if the donkey kicks me twice it's my fault."

What that means is that it's often easy to be surprised by the actions of others.  It's understandable to be naive and fooled by a crook - once.  It's understandable to be naive and fooled by a fast talking salesman - once.  But....if you are smart and you continue to let people take advantage of you....then it's no longer the crooks fault - it's your fault.

Once we have the information we need to make an informed's smart to use that information and avoid being robbed, hit, hurt, taken advantage get the idea.  We can use information we have learned in the past to prevent the disaster in the future.  To ignore the information means we are on the fast track to being hurt - again.

Over the past few days the news has touted the possibility that Mr. Obama is moving to the center and will be a hard person to beat in the 2012 elections.  I couldn't believe I heard anyone say that!  Are Americans really that dumb?  Surely not.

The man promised to be centrist before he was elected the first time.  He lied!  He couldn't wait to get into office and prove his radical left agenda.  We've been suffering every since.  He's lied to us about so many things and proved to be inept and on a radical left race to socialism. 

Why would you believe him ever again?  Why would some people look at a one time speech and believe that he is going to do anything better the second time? 

But Debbie....aren't we supposed to be kind and compassionate?  People can change you know?  Shouldn't we give him a chance?

Sure....give the drug addict a chance to get clean - but don't ask him to be a guard at the local pharmacy. 
Give the alcoholic a chance to change - but don't ask him to be a fill in bartender when yours is sick.
Give an abusing spouse the chance to change but don't live with them and subject your 10 year old to another beating.  Wait until the change has been proven and documented and you know that it's for real!

Our country's future is too important to trust this man...again.  I'm counting the days and hoping that our luck will last and God will show us mercy until we can get him out of office.  If he's elected for a second term, there's no hope for this country.  You will see another massive move to socialism that we may not be able to survive and surely won't recover from. your homework.  Look at his pre-election speeches.  Hear what he said and then look at what he actually did or didn't do.  Make the connections.  Things like the fact that gas is going up and instead of letting companies in the gulf with safe rigs begin drilling again - he is stalling.  Why?  Watch Glen Beck and try to put all the pieces together.  Gather your information and don't let that donkey kick you again!

God loves you,


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