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Friday, June 8, 2007

Americans will have to die

I'm old enough to remember when preachers loved their congregations and were willing to take a stand and prepare us for the future. They were not concerned about gaining in numbers. They were concerned that we knew the truth - and sometimes that meant hell, fire and brimstone.

We talked and sang about heaven and we listened to pastors preach about the end times. We were warned quite often about what it meant to give your life for your faith and your country.

We heard stories about the Holocaust and how Bibles were taken away and good people were persecuted. We listened to "strong" talk about protecting the freedoms that you have and the consequences of apathy.
We were taught to work. Work was good. Teenagers that didn't work were considered lazy and good for nothing. To snub your nose at a job because it required sweat or cleaning up after others proved you were unacceptable and should be punished. Children were made to suffer the consequences of their actions. No one came to your rescue when you broke the rules.
We were taught to sacrifice. We were taught that preparing for and creating a better future was the most important thing you could do.

We were patriotic. We loved our country! Bad or good - just like we supported sports teams - We supported our country.
We saw first hand the difference between a selfish, socialist dictator (Hitler) and a Christian honorable society. We knew our way of life was best and we were willing to die to protect it. If a young kid didn't stand and put his hand over his heart when the national anthem was played - every adult around him would have something to say about it.

When immigrants came to this country they knew for sure it was America. Flags waved freely. Prayers were said openly. Bibles and churches were free. English was spoken everywhere and if you wanted to do business with an American - you better learn to speak English.

We were a Bible believing America. It was fine if you had a different faith, but all politicians promoted moral biblical lives even if they had problems living it. Being a Christian was as honorable a statement as being an American. No one would dare hurt a nun or a priest. And ministers were revered - not abused. And duh!...because of those moral beliefs children were safe and crime was low.

Ministers actually worked hard to be sure they lived honorable lives and that they taught us how to be honorable.

Everyone was proud of their heritage. Italians were proud of Italy and Germans were proud of their homeland. But the pride of their heritage never took precedence over their great pride and thankfulness to be in America or to be American.

America had the reputation for being the best. If something came from Japan or China it was thought to be cheap in quality and name. WHY? Because Americans took pride in their work.
If it said "made in America", it better be the best. It could be made by an American/mexican or an American/japanese - but it better be the best. If an employee didn't give their best to the job - they were fired! No recourse because they are lazy or untalented. Just fired. Let the people who know how to do the job - have the job! That philosophy forced people to work hard and be the very best they could be. Getting to the top meant something.

I bet I heard it more than a thousand times growing up...."There will come a day when your Bible will be taken away. Hide the word of God in your heart so when you fight the enemy for your freedom you can hear God's word in your head!"

With that instruction, millions of youth across this country began to memorize scriptures. During WWII thousands of young men quoted those scriptures as they died for their country. Hundreds of American/japanese , American/chinese, American/indian and American/mexicans went to war to preserve the freedoms we have in this country. They did not go to war to preserve Japan or Germany, China or Mexico. They went to war to be sure that this country remained American.

Where is Obama's loyalty to this country?  What is his faith?  Will he protect this country? 

"Oh, but wait a minute Debbie - he's not radical."

What does that mean? When he is in office and is faced with the decision to choose whether to protect American freedoms or support the Muslim agenda - where will his loyalty be? If you as a Christian were faced with the choice to choose America over your faith - which would you do?

Muslims are welcome to live in this country as long as they leave our government and our freedoms alone.
The Muslim faith is in direct opposition to American freedoms.

There will be a showdown!

A choice will have to be made!

Barack Obama has already proven where his loyalt is!

Our #1 problem in America is spoiled brats. People who are now old enough to take over this country and don't have the sense of a billy goat. People who only know how to take. People who only care about themselves and whether or not they will get what they want!
Spoiled Brats will never care about you! It won't happen. No matter what kind of token gesture they give you - there will be a price to pay.

Unfortunately many politicians are spoiled brats. Their only goal is to remain in power. It's not to help you. There are spoiled brats in the Republican party, but the Democratic party is overflowing with them. They only want to win an election - not build a better America!

How can you tell when someone really wants to build a better America? If anyone is willing to risk popularity, fame, money, power - and essentially toss it down the drain in order to follow though with a project that is "right" for the country - then and only then can you be sure that person cares about you.

If a politician is willing to do any kind of dance in order to get your vote - if they weasel their way out of any statement that receives negative responses - they are spoiled brats.
America has been turning out spoiled brats for a long time.
We have millions of young people across this country with too much money and too much time. They have grown up believing that having fun and getting everything they want is all that matters.
They don't care about quality in their work and would cut corners if it meant they could leave work early to go "have some fun". They are disrespectful and are not honorable. "Others" rights mean nothing to them. It's all about their own needs and desires. They are not willing to work hard or to defend good people. They are lazy and if you cross them or try to instruct them - they take the cowards way out and sue you.

Like stupid little sheep they will walk right into slaughter. Unfortunately, good people in America....tired people..... who once before had to come to the aid of this country....will have to step up to the plate and do something.
If we don't demand honorable politicians that can lead Godly lives, we will suffer.
If we don't demand that spoiled brats sit down and shut up, we will suffer.
If totally ignorant ridiculously stupid spoiled brats like Paris Hilton aren't made to follow the law, then the floodgates of tyranny will open. Give a spoiled brat an inch they will take a mile - and before you know it they will take over your country.

Yes, my friend, you guessed it. I'm a little disturbed by today's news.
And yes, I'm also saying that we have allowed lazy stupid spoiled brats to get away with murder much too long. If we are to save this country, we will have to fight.
Americans will die in this fight. My only hope is that there are enough good people left to stand and fight.

The pictures you have been seeing are from a high school in Montebello,California. The protesters put up the Mexican flag over the American flag and flew our precious flag upside down.

The e-mails I've received are correct to state that this probably won't be seen on the news. It's become politically tolerable for people staying in America to abuse the symbols and traditions of this country. If these rebellious high schoolers were born here - they are traitors.
I'm sure they will yell "Freedom of speech" but I'm equally sure they are not willing to die for the privilege.
They would not attempt this in their own country yet they feel free to protest our country. They are sure that none of the "old Americans" will want to fight them over this issue. Like thieves they have waited for us to build a great nation so they can march in like lazy cowards and take over.

It makes me sick to know that these rebellious, spoiled brats were not taken immediately suspended.
The image of the American flag subject to another and turned upside down on American soil is the most offensive thing I've seen in a long time.

If this doesn't make you mad enough to get involved then you deserve to lose your rights. Muslims want this country. Mexicans want control of this country. You better find out which ones they are and get them out.
If you don't, let me help you.....

...."There will come a day when your Bible will be taken away. Hide the word of God in your heart so when you fight the enemy for your freedom you can hear God's word in your head!"

God loves you,

1 comment:

Michael May said...

Mrs Jones worries that her neighbors won't like her because she is a Christian, so she doesn't stand up for what she believes.
There are those in America today who are more worried about what the world thinks of us than they do about our history and the history that many men and women died for.
Personally I don't care what the world thinks of my country or me for that matter. I love this country because it was blessed by the Father. It was created on the principles of the Bible and on the teachings of Jesus. THIS IS A CHRSTIAN COUNTRY, like it or not. Yes, we all have the freedom to choose any religion we choose. We can choose to worship Budda, Allah, Jesus or Jehovah. But for some, America has come to mean 'intolerance' and being a 'hate monger' if you don't accept someone elses beliefs. God created us with a free will. Free to accept Him or reject Him. Free to sin or not sin. But here lately, many people want to take my free will to say Jesus is Lord away from me. i don't judge you for being a worshiper of Islam. I pray for you because I am not God and I do not have the right to judge, lest I be judged. Intolerant. Thats what the 'left' likes to call anyone, particularly christians, who don't believe what they do. They don't believe you have the right to your own opinion. America is still a great land blessed by God. But for how long? How long before that blessing turns to anger and this country judged for its deeds. The Lord is slow to anger. Slow, but not incapable