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Saturday, June 16, 2007

A happy home

A Merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. Prov. 15:13

A Merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Prov. 17:22

He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. Prov. 15:15

One of the greatest joys a family can experience is laughter together. Being able to sit around the table and share experiences will not only lighten the soul but also energizes the mind for creativity.


"Daddy, what's that? said the little boy, looking up from their pew at the memorial plaque on the wall.

"That's in memory of all the brave men who died in the services."

The little boy scanned the long list of names and asked, "Did they die in the morning or evening services?"


My Dad is a minister and every time we get together as a family, we always want to hear some of the funny stories from church.

Dad tells the story of a very famous evangelist Winnefred Kelly. She came from a background of very spiritual people. Rev. Kelly was a dynamic speaker. She was talking with Dad about the loving spirit of God and told a story about her mother.

Her mother was a very Godly woman both inside and out. She made sure that her clothes and hair reflected a puritan lifestyle and plain living. She would not even allow simple lace or wavy hair. Her hair was pulled tightly into a bun on the back of her head.

Winnefred explained that her mother was very discouraged one day and decided to go to the field to pray. She prayed for a long time and finally set her Bible on it's spine while she made one last plea to God.

"God, I need to know that you are there. I need to have an answer for this problem. I'm going to let my Bible open and where ever it lands, I will take that as a direct message from you."

She let her bible go. She opened her eyes only to have them settle on one very special verse.

"OH Thou Jezebel!"

She smiled, she giggled, she snickered and finally she laughted out loud. She left the field feeling better and knowing that God would handle all her problems.

Yes, even God has a sense of humor.

Little girl: Mommy, who made me?

Mother: God did.

Little girl: Who made you?

Mother: God did.

Little girl: Who made Grandma?

Mother: God did.

Little girl (after a very long pause): He's improved a lot since he made Grandma.

Two little girls tiptoed past their grandmother.

"Why is Granny always reading the bible? Asked Kate.

"Ssh!" whispered Lizzie. "We mustn't disturb her! She's cramming for her finals."


One Easter we bought both boys new pin stripped suits. They were excited about being young men and looking just like Daddy. They planned to sit by Daddy during church rather than attend children's church. On the drive to church Ken and Jamie were talking. I didn't hear the question but I did hear Jamie's (8 years old) answer to Kenny (4 years old).

"You have to sit real quiet during the sermon. It's gonna be hard, but that's what Daddy does."

"I can do it. It won't be so hard."

"Oh yes it is. It's like the evening news with no commercials."

I glanced in the mirror to see Kenny's eyes widen as he shook his head and looked out the window.

"No, commercials and no cartoons...woah."

Ron and Ken still being silly and sharing memories!

Tip for today! Find some pictures, cook a pan of lazagna and have the family sit down and recall the good times. It's the best medicine you could ever serve to anyone.

God loves you


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