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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It seems that everyone I talk to has at least a twinge of depression. Good people who have spent their lives working hard and investing in their church and families - now have a feeling of pending doom. They are worried that the possibility of "the good life" may be a thing of the past. They worry that we will be in the same place our founding fathers were when religious persecution was commonplace and taxation would ruin any chances of success.

I've felt those twinges myself, but I have good news.

God does not forsake his children. Repeat that over at least a dozen times today. God does not forsake his children. We may have to suffer because we've looked the other way when non-Christians picked at our religious freedoms. We may have to suffer because we sent crooks and immoral people to Washington. But...even in our suffering there will be miracles and hope and love.

I like the movie Apollo 13. There's a scene in the movie that has given me so much hope in the last few weeks. When NASA finally understands that Apollo 13 is in trouble and that it will be a miracle for them to return safely, two guys in the control room begin mumblings. One says to the other, "This could be our worst failure".

Gene Kranz, NASA flight Director, (played by Ed Harris) turns to them and with great authority says..."Gentleman, I believe this will be our finest hour!"

I have prayed about America's current situation and I do see some difficult times coming. But if we all band together and if we continue to look to God and search for solutions.....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe this will be our finest hour!"

I believe that God will give us solutions we could not imagine and that he will protect and guide us every step of the way. Let's pray today that God will begin his work is us. That he will help us to be strong Christians. That we will take up the sword and continue the battle for good and for God.

God loves you,


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