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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's stop whining and get to work!

This morning I rushed to a surgery clinic to pray with my friend before she went into minor surgery. Her husband and I talked in the waiting room until the doctor called us to a small room to explain what he'd done. After hearing all the facts, the conversation drifted and before we knew it the doctor (much younger than me) was on his soapbox.
I made a small remark about how I would vote for him if he decided to run for office. "You don't want me in Washington!"

"Why not?"

He pointed his finger my way and shook his head, "I tell the truth! Nobody likes the truth."

I asked a few questions and watched his determination and resolve grow stronger.
"I'm sick of hearing that there's a recession. People walking around with their hands out and whining about not having any money. Yet they go home to their full freezers and their satellite dishes. On Friday nights I see restaurants packed to the gills and people spending $30 a week on cigarettes and cokes - no....don't tell me there's a recession or depression until people stop spending on luxuries. I am doing pretty well, but I work my butt off - now and when I was younger.
Last week during the snow storm not one person knocked on my door asking if they could shovel my driveway. When I was a kid and I knew I could make $5 shoveling driveways or raking leaves - I got my butt out there and did the work. We've become a nation of whiners and beggars. Everybody thinks they are owed something and that I should give it to them. Not on your life. I think the rule in America should be that if you aren't working - don't expect to eat."

Woah! Didn't expect that for an after surgery talk....and he right? At what point do you say I've complained enough and now it's time to get to work.

I do agree with the principle he stands on. While some individuals are hard workers and have been victimized by this economy - there are too many whining complainers that want someone else to solve their problems. I feel bad for the hundreds of people that lose their job everyday. I worry that Ron may be next. And yet....when I see one man lose his job and hustle every day to find another one - vs. - a man who sits on his hind quarters for 13 weeks collecting unemployment never going on an interview - it does bother me. I get very angry when I see teens who have been coddled all their lives preparing to graduate with no plans for the future. Or Young adults who think mom and dad "owe" them a college degree or a new car or an apartment.

No one in this life is "owed" anything. No one "deserves" a specific lifestyle. Like the good doctor, I believe that the rule of the land should be adopted from John Smith of Jamestown. He was one of the ruling members of the Jamestown colony. After putting Matthew Scrivener in as governor, John Smith (yes, that's the John Smith who was rescued by Pocahontas) left to search for food for the colonies. Months later he returned to find that Scrivener wasn't cut out to be a leader. The colonies were worse than ever. John Smith was elected president of the local council in September 1608 and instituted a policy of discipline, encouraging farming with a famous admonishment: "He who does not work, will not eat." The settlement grew under his leadership.
America's beginning and our present economy is built on "production" and "capitalism. You can't spend or give your way to a better economy. You can only grow when people produce, make money and spend money.

There were provisions for the elderly and the sick. However, even the elderly were asked to contribute what they could.

So.......perhaps that's a good lesson for parents. More than once in the last few months I've heard the statement...."I'm afraid. This country is turning into a horrible place to raise children. We are doomed." That's a little dramatic - yet it expresses the fears of many parents.


We don't have to just sit around and take whatever comes. If you don't like America - you can change America. If you don't agree with the way our government is going - you can change it. It will take some work - it will take good people banding together. But we can do it. If you don't like Hollywood or the liberal media - you can change it. We can change this world and we can make a difference. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that not only can we change America by how we raise our children....we can change America now!

Some of you may still like Mr. Obama. That's fine. But if you are a Christian, do you like the policies he's promoting? He is proving that his "extreme" liberal policies will attack not only Christians, but families as well. Can you and I do something about that? You bet we can.

Anytime you see a poll on the Internet - make a few clicks. Voice your opinion. Look up the e-mail address of your congressman, Governor, senate representative, local councilmen - anyone in authority. Take 20 minutes once a week to write an e-mail, send a letter or make a phone call. Let them know that you disapprove.

Join groups like the American Family Association. They send me updates on what's going on and I always send e-mails through them. Check out One News Source. their articles and take their polls.

Most important though - train your children to know the truth. America's elite is trying to capture your mind and the mind of your child. If they can get you to believe a lie - they can lead you into their way of thinking. You MUST protect your mind and the mind of your child. Not by refusing to listen to or read opposing information - but rather by being able to recognize a lie when you read or hear it.

I hope you will join me in this quest. PARENT'S UNITE. Let's unite in prayer and with our work to build a better America.

If our forefathers could brave a long crossing, do without food or lodging, fight wars and persevere to build this great nation - we can face a little political nonsense!

If the soldiers of WWII could sleep in mud holes, do without food, brave the Arctic winters and ultimately lose their lives in order to rescue the holocaust victims - we can take a few minutes to send an e-mail.

If holocaust victims can hold on to their faith while they are being beaten, abused and gassed - we can face the dangers of standing for our faith. Surely we can spend a few minutes a week at our computers, sipping on a Starbucks while sitting in a comfy chair.

If you are not part of the solution - you are part of the problem.

Tomorrow I'll discuss why God chose David to be a king and how you can put those principles into your life.
God loves you,


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