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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Golden Families still exist

Some people think that a family is just a place to be fed while growing up.

Some people think that a family is just an organization to appeal to for money.

Some people think that Moms and Dads receive some type of drug once their firstborn turns 5. This drug turns them into idiots and selfish manipulators.

Some people think that families breed abuse and should be done away with.

Some people just don't think.

Then there are other people who fall in love, get married first and then begin to plan for a family. These people design their homes around love, proper self-esteem and gracious living. They teach their children the value of good music, good books, education, church and manners. They promote mutual respect among all family members and teach them to work together for a common goal. They are a tight knit little bunch and rally to the needs of others within the group. They work together as a team and live in harmony.

Hum....does that exist? Yep. It sure does. will need God's help and his philosophies to accomplish it. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of the Collingsworth Family.

God loves you,


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