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Friday, February 13, 2009

Please pray for two great soldiers

Ken and Maggie Crocker have served God faithfully for over 62 years.

Ken has been a missionary pilot, a pastor, owned several businesses and built three churches. He has a doctorate from Beulah Heights Seminary and has traveled around the world on missionary trips. He scheduled and arranged medical missionary trips to Peru, had a radio program on one of the biggest stations in Atlanta and has done countless television programs. He is a published author and his writings have blessed thousands.

Maggie became an evangelist when she was only 8 years old. She traveled all over East and Southern America. She is most famous for her songs. She's written 25 songs and one of them has gone international. I Don't Need to Understand has blessed millions and is still relevant today.

Will you please pray for these two warriors. Ken is 76 and Maggie is 80. They have multiple physical problems and yet they continue to help people wherever they go. They need God's comfort and his help with several problems. They are hurting and your prayers and support will help.

It's important that our generation stop and look at the warriors who paved the way before us. We are to lend a helping hand and make their last fights as easy as possible. We are to make sure that we have not run past any of those soldiers. God will not bless us if we don't take the time to pray and love other soldiers who have worked so hard for the kingdom of God.

I have a special reason for praying for these wonderful people. They are my parents and my heritage. Anything I will ever become is directly related to the care and love they gave me as I grew. God bless you Dr. Ken Crocker and Maggie Crocker.

I encourage you to check out their website

God loves you,


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