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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Amazed and Speechless

Have you ever watched a movie and when it was over you couldn't move? You sat with your mouth open staring at the screen and waiting for your heart and head to catch up with the fact that the action had faded to black.

No, I wasn't watching some mindless parade of shoot 'em up, blow 'em up. Neither was I watching dummies try and find each other in a side show of how stupid people mate.

Last night Ron and I had the great privilege of watching "Gifted Hands" starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. We were excited about this movie because we both read Ben Carson and Cecil Murphey's book, Gifted Hands as well as Think Big. I bought Take the Risk, but haven't had time to read it.
If you are struggling with a child who can't see the importance of education - this is the movie to watch. Ben Carson was failing at school and because of his mother, he not only wins a scholarship to college - but he goes on to become one of the most celebrated neuro-surgeons in the world. His journey will help your child see that education can take you places.

If you are depressed and wondering if your role as parent is important to the larger world view, this movie is for you. Without the strength and resolve of his mother, Ben Carson would never have save the lives of countless children. Imagine the pride his mother felt while watching Ben accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

If you worry that the faith you love may not come to fruition in your child - God can speak to you through this film. Ben's courage and desire to call on God during his most trying times will encourage any parent to continue praying for their child.

If your child is taunted and picked on at school. If he's embarrassed, harassed, or feels like he's too dumb to learn - this movie is for both of you.

This movie is a real life example of hard work, education and strength. It's an example of the miraculous found in the daily lives of God's people. It will encourage you, give you hope and when your brain finally accepts the black screen - this movie will leave you with a determination to try. That determination will follow you long after the last chord of music has faded.

I couldn't find it on Amazon or anywhere else. But if you go to you can search the play list for "Gifted Hands". I hope you will see this with your children.

God loves you,


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