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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh be careful little eyes what you see....

In his book, Imagine! A God-Blessed America - How it could happen and What it would look like, Richard Land makes this comment:

"Newsweek Magazine recently ran a cover story on the current generation's family crisis: parents are finding it increasingly difficult to set limits for their children in a culture obsessed with buying and consuming things - and saturated with target marketing at children from corporations intent on building brand loyalty from "cradle to grave." Do you want to be a change agent? Take a stand by parenting your kids proactively."

I believe that good parents take charge of their young child's life. Small children simply do not have the experience or knowledge to run their lives. It's ridiculous to think that a 7 year old knows enough about his growing body to determine if he's gay. It's also ludicrous to assume a 9 year old has enough knowledge to determine when a friend isn't good company or how to overcome a bully. Children also don't understand that their brain is much the same as a computer - with one disastrous flaw - there's no delete button. Whatever goes into the brain stays there.

Parents MUST be active in their child's life. We must make sure that we protect the precious little brain that controls that precious little life.
If you don't, when they are teens all that bad programming will come spewing out!

You can do this AND build a wonderful relationship. It's not about being negative or setting boundaries that strip your relationship. It's about understanding your child and how to help them see TRUTH. Not sure you agree? Order my book, Discipline Exposed. In it I teach you how to have an impact on your child's life while building a strong relationship that will grow into their adult lives.

While reading his book, I found myself humming an old tune:

"Oh be careful little eyes what you see,
Oh be careful little eyes what you see,
For the Father up above is looking down in love
So be careful little eyes what you see."

Richard Land goes on to encourage parents to make sure they are teaching the following lessons:
1. Teach kids self-sufficiency.
2. Teach self-control.
3. Spend quality AND quantity time with your children.
4. Model healthy choices about buying and consuming things.
5. Assign chores and teach a strong work ethic.
6. Set clear, firm boundaries.
7. Give your child a faith.

Good Advice Richard. I recommend his book. I'm sure you'll enjoy what he has to say.

God loves you,


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