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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Back......

I feel like I've been in a restful sort of "coma" for the last week. Unlike reality - I flew to the warmth of Florida and drove to a secluded area. I attended the Florida Christian Writer's Conference. It was wonderful! So many wonderful people were there. So much work was done and so many friends were made.

The best part of the conference is what it didn't have. It didn't have TV, radio, proper Internet or even newspapers. Instead I was surrounded by an atmosphere of acceptance, Christian love, hope and a determination to share the gospel.

Cec Murphey, co-author of 90 minutes in Heaven taught my morning class while various other authors and editors taught in the afternoon. He delivered inspired, wonderful, heart soothing messages for the worship services. The music was uplifting.

Calvin Miller was the Keynote speaker for the last two services. He delivered a funny, poignant and challenging message. I bought his book, Life is Mostly Edges. What a wonderful book! If you want a lift - a look back at the good times and a determination to make them happen again - you must purchase his book.

THEN.....I flew back to reality. The stock market is down. Mr. Obama and the democrats are taking away our personal freedoms and pushing us into a Godless socialistic state. I received this e-mail from a dear friend.

"Dear Debbie, I lost my job and my husband of 42 years has heart trouble. We've lost almost 3/4 of our retirement. I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. I lay there and cry. My America - home of the free, the productive and the brave - My religiously free country is being destroyed. We have become an immoral nation of murderers (abortion/assisted suicide). I lay in bed and honestly wish that God would come. I watch the sunrise hoping that he will either take my husband and I home or that he will split the sky and tell all of us that the suffering and disappointment is over. I'm scared. I'm tired and I'm disappointed that so many Christians let this nut take over our country."

I feel so sorry for her. And yet, many of us have our moments where we feel the same. We may try to fight it - but it washes over us and leaves a stain that haunts us through the day. I was appalled as I went through my e-mails and read the new bills and spending that's going on in Washington. If it's bad for the country - the Dems feel compelled to push it through. I grew up in a time when even if politicians didn't agree with a law personally - they were at least able to view it's effects on society and vote "no" just to protect their constituents. I don't get the current Washington system. Rather than discussing what's right or good for America - value is placed on "will this give me money? Will this bring in taxes? California has lost their minds if they think a drugged society will continue to be productive. (They want to legalize marijuana and tax it.)

Last week, the day before I left for the conference, a cashier lady at Sam's made a comment which led to my comment that I didn't believe in Mr. Obama. Because of my southern accent she basically called me a racist for not voting for him - yes, she was white. No, she didn't have a clue. She stood there fussing about the price of everything she scanned - but couldn't make the connection that the man she voted for was going to double those prices with his policies. And...not having the intelligence to make the connection, the only thing she could think to do was to call me a name.

BUT....AGAIN....I have good news! Both for you and for my friend who can't get out of bed.


While God may not work overtime to help rebellious children (the Sam's clerk is on her own), I believe he does work overtime to help those that are committed to his teachings and his church. I believe that as we trust him through this crisis, we will find comfort, love and protection.

Slowly, the word is coming in. I'm beginning to hear how God is providing for those he loves with miraculous happenings. Don't give up hope! God loves you and he will take care of you!
I know a doctor who's success is over the top while others in his field are going under. I know personal friends who are receiving checks that they never thought possible. I know of people who are receiving healing and blessings they were sure wouldn't come.

Have faith. God is still on the throne. While America may be running away from God - If we run to him we will be safe.
God loves you,

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