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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't believe the lies - again!

I am frustrated at how many times I have to point out that our morals and Christian values are being attacked through disguises.

I haven't talked about the "plans" of deviant groups and how they organize to change your views mainly because it's a huge subject that will take several posts. But...let's do a mini lesson so you will understand what I'm asking you to do.

How can you change public opinion?

1. Begin slowly. Anesthetizes their thinking by allowing small images to infiltrate their lives. In 1950 almost everyone would have been offended if they saw two men holding hands or two women snuggling together. Instead of showing images, Hollywood and the media began the attack by getting you to mentally accept that homosexuals didn't deserve a bad name. Shows like All in the family and Three's company didn't show homosexuals, but did ask you to have compassion and to laugh at a very serious subject.

Once they were sure you had let your defenses down, then they introduced a face. A person who was well liked and very nice would reveal in the end that he was gay. They allowed you to "like" him or her first and then introduced their message.

2. Attack by creating a double bind with moral feelings.
Would you ever hurt anyone? No
Does your faith believe in loving everyone? Yes

Well....if you don't accept this person for what he is, you aren't loving him. That's against your faith.

In other words they set up a situation where you are forced to accept their demands or you will look like a hateful person. No one - especially a Christian - wants to be hateful.

3. They need money to continue to force their beliefs on the public. So they enlist the help of large corporations. Corporations want to look like the good guy so they buy into the lie that homosexuals need help because Christians etc...are so abusive. We become the scapegoat while they are actually the aggressors.

They also give the false argument that this is not about "moral" beliefs but rather like the fight for elimination of black discrimination - it's an abusive attack on human rights rather than an assault against the morals of this country.

4. They need our children. They must rewrite history to lean toward their belief. They must get children at a young age to accept their way of thinking so when they are older they will vote for legislation to promote homosexual agendas. In other words - they want to use the 8 hours of school to make sure your child doesn't accept your religious beliefs.

This assault is also their last guarantee against failure. Even if they can't get their way now, by swaying your children they are guaranteed success in the future.

5. All of the above is done in secrecy. Finally once the ground is prepared, they can be open and promote their beliefs.

I hope you will sign up with or American Family Association. They send me regular updates on the moral and religious attacks going on in this country.

I apologize for the sickening and disgusting page I'm going to ask you to review - but you need to know not only what Pepsi is doing but what television, like Family Guy, is promoting. I rarely watch regular Television. I stick with cable stations like Turner Classic Movies or TVLand. I purchase movies that I know are older and safe morally.

When I received this update I was sick. All I could think of was some seven-year-old watching a cartoon while Mom fixes supper. She doesn't hear or know what her son is watching and his little mind is being programed to deny his faith. Like a snake in the grass this mother has opened her door and allowed her child to be attacked.

Because I feel it's so important for all of us to be informed, I've included a link in the sidebar for American Family Association. I encourage you to sign up.

CAUTION : The following is highly offensive. I still encourage you to view it and sign the petition.

Now that you are thoroughly disgusted, please pray for our nation and especially for our children.

God loves you,


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