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Monday, March 30, 2009

Know your faith, know your country - #3

This entry deserved a lot of research. I could probably write several thousand words, but that would put you to sleep - so I won't.

What I can support with tons of evidence is that undefined philosophies will never produce success.


If you take a successful philosophy, doctrine, theory or dogma and you water it down by trying to make it pleasing to everyone - you will destroy it.

In other words, if you don't stand for your principles - you don't stand for anything and you will fail.

Our faith must take a stand. Our country must take a stand. It's not in diversity that we ever find strength. Strength is found in common goals, unity and passion. Strength is at it's strongest when we band together in a common goal. Strength isn't found in a group that can't make up their mind or agree on anything.

My Dad explained it this way. While there is a time for individuality, there are certainly times when individuality and opinion will kill you. Imagine that you are on a plane run by democratic votes. You are sure that the plane ride will be smoother if it's run by democracy. So, everyone boards the plane. You know that safety is important, but just to be fair you take a vote on seat belts. It has to go to committee and you've wasted four hours, but finally the vote is that everyone should buckle their seat belt. The next vote is to determine where the plane is going. Anyone that doesn't want to go there can't leave they plane - that would take another vote. After that you vote on the route. One more vote determines what snacks will be offered.

Finally, 18 hours later you are in the air. A thundercloud is looming ahead and the pilot must determine whether or not to go around the ominous cloud or fly through it. The stewardess takes the mike. "Ladies and gentlemen we are heading into a dangerous situation. We could all die, but if you will look in the pocket in front of you and take out a pen and paper we will vote on our possible pending death."

That's democracy. Allowing ignorance to vote on a skilled moved is not only dangerous but can be deadly. Our country was not set up to be a democratic institution. While democracy is part of it - we are actually a Republic. (Think of the pledge of allegiance - I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands......)

In a Republic - the people - are not involved in every tiny decision. In a republic they elect an honorable "intelligent" representatives and then trust them to make good decisions. That's why it's so important that you do your research and elect officials that will vote like you want.

That's why so many Christians are now upset with Obama. You can't send someone to Washington because you think it will be cool that he's the first black man or the first nobody or the first young guy or even the first idiot to take the office. You can't vote for someone on a whim or with a flippant attitude. If you will change the country and take it in a direction you don't like. People who expected him to take care of this country just because he has a big smile are now crying the blues when he makes decisions that destroys their freedoms.

In a Republic, your vote not only counts - it's everything! It's sacred and you better know more about the candidates than who can dance or who knows more snoop dog songs. You better be sure your candidate has read the constitution - and while your at it you better read it too!

Secondly and for the how ever many times - don't believe a lie! Politicians lie! Media loves to lie! You and you are alone are trusted with the basics of freedom, with the history of this country. Don't trust Wiki-stupid-ipedia. That's here say. Trust real books. Read opposing views. Check out the Fox news channel. LEARN about your country.

And while you're at it. Know your faith. Read that thing called a Bible and understand that it's stood the age of time. Understand that our forefathers built this country on Biblical principles. Sorry Liberals....I own a book called, The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States. It's a 1050 page book that has all the evidence you need to say....this country was founded on Christian principles.

And....Christian principles do not include, lying, having affairs, being immoral, stealing, cheating or any other vile practices. I won't look the other way when you are a criminal. I don't believe in coddling criminals or hurting a victim so some drunk can feel better.

I am a proud American that is willing to stand and put my hand over my heart and say the pledge of allegiance. I am a proud American that knows what the constitution is all about and what this country set out to be. Don't water me down....I KNOW the TRUTH. yourself a favor and learn the truth. Go on your own search. And if you want to debate with better have some evidence cause I'm loaded with it.

Eph. 6:14

Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness....

Know your faith ........Know your country.......and STAND for TRUTH.

God loves you,


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Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Hi Debbie!

I was SOOOOO upset that I didn't get to give you a big hug around the neck before I came down off the mountain yesterday. I saw you at breakfast and then you were gone.

I do hope your flight went well. I am packing our bags for our family trip to Lake Tahoe in the morning. Lets make sure and connect soon.

...I'm bringing your book along with me!

Blessings Friend,