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Monday, April 27, 2009

New Direction month without a post. That's a record. Let me explain how God is taking this ministry in a new direction.

Originally my blogs were designed to "teach" and "inspire" you to action. Some of them were entertaining and some were about personal news, but overall - I wanted to give my readers information that would help them achieve greater things in their lives.

It's hard to keep quiet when you see a train about to collide with friends walking down a track. My first instinct is to yell as loud as I can for everyone to get off the track. I can't help you if I'm not informed so I've been reading a lot of on line information about the present condition of this country and how that will help or hurt families. I listen intently to the news and try to be as informed as possible.

And.....I've been trying to pass that information along to you. I even wrote half of my blogs on 30 ways to improve America. But....something was missing. The more I wrote about the terrible things that are happening, the more I met discouraged and hopeless people.
I've been sick for over 10 days with a horrible flu. During that time it was often difficult to raise my head and watch TV. I listened to good music, read a little (when my eyes would focus) and thought of all of you.

What exactly do we need to find hope in this hopeless world?

Is God going to abandon us?

Do we have the tools to survive?

Is it possible for Ron to lose his job and God save our house?

Can young people grow up in a loving family and reject the sinful enticements they will encounter?

There is so much wrong with this world, but perhaps - I'm too busy pointing out the problems and not concentrating on the solutions. I thought about my 30 days to a better America. Most of what I wrote was to point out that the Christian philosophy was a good one and if we tried to live that life, America would ultimately be better. It's always nice to have our ideals affirmed, but what about the steps we need to take - just to survive? I wasn't giving any tips on how to keep the family together if you face bankruptcy. I hadn't mentioned anything about how to trust God when your daughter is being stalked.

So.....I believe that God is leading me to a new direction with my blogs. When I see a problem within society, I'll provide a link for you to read about that problem - if you have time. My focus will be to help you survive.

You can survive. God has promised that we will survive. History proves that the Christian lifestyle is the only thing that does survive. Romans tried to kill off Christianity and it didn't work. Hitler tried to eradicate the Jews and it didn't work. You can't destroy us. We are protected by God's Almighty hand.

Before you yell at me.....I understand that some of us may have to suffer. Some of us may have to endure persecution. Some of us may not get to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

But....if we stay close to Jesus, we will always be in the center of God's loving hands. Do you know what happened to every suffering Christian that was persecuted by the Romans? They went to Heaven. And what happened to every true Christian since then??? They have their place in Heaven. It's a win - win situation.

I do understand though that it can be a scary situation and that's going to be the focus of this blog.

Don't be Afraid. With God, all things are possible.

When you are tired and worried, come here for inspiration.

When you think you can't go any farther, come here for a bit of encouragement.

When you need facts about how to make your money go a little farther or how to keep the family together when everyone is discouraged....visit my blogs. Together we will find a way to survive and find contentment during adversity.

I am praying for all of you. I believe that we are the greatest force this country has. I am confident that with God on our side, we will be the salt and light that everyone needs. With God on our side we will survive and find success.

God loves you,


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