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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A picture of courage

For many months I've tried to encourage all of you to stand for your faith and your beliefs. I know that it's hard. I understand that many of you are scared. Most of us want to keep a low profile so we won't be attacked.

On April 19th, Carrie Prejean - Miss California - decided that she would risk her scores in the Miss USA pageant in favor of standing for her faith. I've read numerous articles and listened to several interviews. I've just listened to her pastor interview her and I am more impressed than ever. I also like what the Pastor had to say to his congregation.

After his interview his talk included 5 points.

1. Stare down courage. We should always be courageous in sharing our faith.

2. Trust in the truth, never the lie. How many times have I asked you not to believe the lies?

3. Accept God's Sovereign provision. Didn't I tell you earlier today that God will take care of us?

4. Never fear man over God. God is Almighty and he will ultimately win.

5. Die to Self. This one we haven't talked about, but it is an important part of being courageous.

I hope you enjoy this video. I hope you pray with the pastor in the end. I hope you will face the future with confidence and hope. I don't want to let Miss Prejean be the only one standing for God. I want to accept my destiny in being salt and light to this world. How about you?

God loves you,


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