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Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Invitation

Hi Yawl !

You are cordially invited to my house for the holidays!

Beginning Thanksgiving day I will be posting "Christmas at my house" everyday through New Years. You and I will become great friends! I hope you will join me every morning.

I will be interviewing everyone in the family, posting all my recipes, pictures of decorations and special traditions.

I will also be posting pictures of anyone who wants to participate. So grab your camera, take a picture of your family and send it to Just like I would take you around and introduce you to people at a party, I will post your picture and introduce you to my website friends.

You can win a special book. I am looking for the yummiest Christmas recipe ever! For this contest you will need to submit a recipe with a short story of why it's your favorite. My mom Maggie, my good friend Viki and I will be the judges. We will share as many stories and recipes as we can. Once we have picked a winner we will share the recipe and a picture of us enjoying it.

The winner will receive a copy of the book "Cooking with Faith" by Faith Ford of the sit com Hope and Faith. I love this book. Not only does it have wonderful southern recipes, but she has included fun tidbits about her childhood. Her grandparents were Baptist ministers and she talks a lot about dinner-on-the-ground. I know you will love this book as much as I do.

Keep watching the website for more ways to win free stuff! Good grief yawl, it's to have presents.

I'm busy cleaning, cleaning and cleaning for the holidays. Mom and Dad arrive on Monday and Ken and Amie arrive Wednesday. Oh my are we gonna have fun.

Put on some Christmas music, fix a cup of orange Cinnamon tea and dream about the next six weeks. I can't wait to share my Christmas with you.

God loves you,


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