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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How God values old age

Yawl know how I love the fall. I love the brilliant colors. I love walking through crunching leaves that decorate our yard. I love watching as the forest gives a colorful confetti parade to the world. It's as if every tree is rushing to the front of the stage to say, "Look at how beautiful I am. Look at the brilliance God created in me!"

Some people are depressed by fall. They hate watching their prized flowers die and their trees lose leaves preparing to hibernate through the winter. These people think only about the pending gloom of a hard winter and how difficult things will be when the first snow arrives. For some, the fall parallels their own aging. They wonder how long it will be until they begin to shed their outer skin and transform into a totally spiritual being.

The main reason I love fall is because it gives me hope for the aging process. I want to be like the beautiful oaks that turn to brilliant yellow. I hope I have learned my lessons well. I hope as I age I can be a brilliant light of color in an otherwise dark environment. I hope that I can share what I've learned with others and live my life so young people will look at me and say, "Wow! Look at that! Isn't that cool?"

If I can get their attention maybe I can share with them that life is logical. Maybe I can tell them the stories of how God brought me through every experience and will do the same for them. Maybe I can tell them how loving God is and how much He wants to be a part of their lives. If I let my colors shine, maybe they will have hope. Maybe they will want to be like me.

Take heart all you mature Christians. God is not through with you. God has a job for you to do. God wants you to color your life with love. Don't hide. Don't run from that horrible, undisciplined, rude teen. Be who you are - but be colorful. Find a way to shine into his life. Don't sit alone in church, march right up to the front and sit by a single mom. Don't tell yourself that your family doesn't need you. Make a marshmellow salad and show up for the holidays. Make your presence known. They need you as much as you need them.

Winter is coming. Soon God will call us all into his bright light. Like staring out into the white of snow we will be blinded by his love. We need to prepare those that follow. We need to pass our light to them so they can navigate and find His love.

Fall is God's yearly call to everyone over 25. "I'm not done with you yet. Let's show the world how beautiful you can be!"

God loves you,


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