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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love home-made

We are all busy and there are times when we have to purchase gifts rather than make them. I appreciate any gift that I receive. The most precious gifts are home-made. They let us know that the maker took the time to not only purchase the supplies but also took time to make something special just for us. When you think of how much time it takes to hand-make something, you realize that for at least an hour or so they were thinking only of you. How special is that?

Last summer my sister-in-law brought her family for a visit. I explained that Ron designed our kitchen table with glass top and had an Amish company carve it. He designed it so there was a place under the glass to put flower arrangements or table decorations. That left the top free for food etc. We were talking about how nice it was and I made a comment about having to pull out all the place mats when we have supper. She smiled and looked intently at the table.

Just after my birthday I received a package. It was a lovely table cover made exclusively for our table. Rather than pulling out five place mats for our plates and two for the middle to hold food, I now just slide this beautiful cover over the top. How neat is that?

An added surprise was that it's reversible. The other side is Christmas.

Who do you care enough about to take the time to make them something special? In this intensely commercial time wouldn't it be nice to say I love you with something home-made?

Be sure and weave a lot of love into what you do.

Thanks Cheryl......I love it!

God loves you,


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