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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thank Giving

We had a ball today. We cooked and laughed and danced and snoozed. We rested and worked hard. We contemplated and reminisced. We loved. We just sat around (or cooked) and felt the presence of others in the house - and we loved. We didn't have to have everything right but we did need love.

I believe that the true thought behind Thanksgiving is NOT having everything you want or having all your wishes come true. The true meaning is that you "love" in spite of everything else. Thanksgiving began as a way to thank God for harvesting the crops. But Thanksgiving went right on when the crops were bad as well as when they were good.

Have you ever had something good come out of something bad? Memaw makes a wonderful Lemon cake. She "drizzles" lemon icing over the cake and then adds more pecans for decoration. It's not only beautiful but it taste like heaven on earth. It's my favorite cake. I won't let her give me the recipe because I know I would sit and eat the entire thing. She has never made a bad one or had any trouble with it. The only complaint comes from Papaw. He loves the cake but hates the "drizzle". He loves the lemon frosting but says there just isn't enough of it. He would rather she make 10 times the frosting and completely cover the cake.

This year for whatever reason, the cake had a problem. When Memaw took it out of the pan the sides tore off. Most of the pecans were left in the pan and would still taste good but it looked sad. We tried to fix it but to no avail. Finally Papaw came up with the brilliant idea to "cover" the cake in icing and put pecans on top of that. It looks like a terrible mistake, but man was it good! As you can see Papaw was ready to dig in.

Never be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are often an opportunity for us to find creative solutions. Mistakes often taste better, look better or work better than the originals. Be thankful for what you do have and make the best of what you don't.

Even our dogs know the opportunity of mistakes. A slip of our hand or a cut where we shouldn't winds up to be a snitch for the dogs. They wait for something to hit the floor. Within seconds they retrieve it with a smack of their lips. Mistakes can be fun.

Be thankful for what you have - mistakes and all. Love with all your heart and hold loved ones very close. I hope you had a wonderful day and that you were able to enjoy all the blessings God has given you.

God loves you,

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