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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am a Christian - and that changes everything!

Anytime a blogger posts a controversial or politically motivated post - there will be people who attack it. So...let me set the record straight yet again.

I am a Christian. That means that I will violate my faith if I am cruel or mean to anyone. If I sit down next to someone who believes they are gay, I would never be cruel or mean to them.

However, I deserve the same respect that they are demanding. So...if a conversation begins and they voice their opinions - then it is my American freedom right to voice mine. I must be very careful to share my opinion without anger but I am within my right to share my opinion.

We must be careful and not destroy freedom of speech in this country. Just because I disagree with you on an issue does not mean I hate you or that I'm ready to hurt you physically. It's like ice cream. If I say I like vanilla and you say you like chocolate - is that a hate crime? Absolutely not. We simply like or support different opinions. How can my saying that I prefer vanilla possibly degrade you as a human being? It doesn't and it's silly to think so.

Yet....that's what liberals want to claim. If anyone disagrees with their opinion we are guilty of a hate crime. How silly!

If your self-esteem is so bruised that you can't take knowing that a Christian woman disagrees with your opinion about sex, politics or even ice cream - you need professional help.

That leads to another problem I see brewing in this world. It seems the left and liberals are free to say whatever comes to mind. They are free to ask for any kind of legislation they can think of to stop my freedoms while expanding theirs. They are free to belittle my faith, insist that somehow I'm insane because I believe in God and with spiteful anger attack me as often as possible.

I am supposed to sit quietly, take their assaults and not give my opinions at all.

That isn't the American way of freedom and the rules don't change just because "they" say so. The true American way of freedom is that "YOUR" freedom STOPS where "MY" freedom BEGINS.

So, you may have the freedom to be gay - but you DO NOT have the freedom to force that opinion on me or my children. You do not have the freedom to push me around or bully me to vote for your opinion. AND You do not have the right to stop me from voicing my opinion.

We have laws. Christian laws. And if you can't change them by being civil and kind - then you need to pack up and move to another country. If you can't change them by being understanding of my opinions - rather than calling me outdated or pushing around little old ladies because they didn't vote like you wanted- then find somewhere else to live.

But....if you can accept my opinions and allow me to have religious freedom, if you can allow my pastor to preach his convictions, if you can allow me to raise my child the way I see fit - then you are welcome to stay and enjoy our country.

You don't need a hate crime bill because my faith (and true believers in my faith) would never "force" our opinions on anyone. That's not the Christian way. Our entire faith is based on love and acceptance. I won't force my opinions on you - but if asked, I should have the right to "share" my opinions. Sharing my opinions should not be considered a hate crime.

What you apparently don't like about my faith is the "discipline". Good Christians abide by the ten commandments. We try to live like Jesus did and we don't want all the entrapments of sin or evil. We don't kill, we don't steal and we don't live lives of darkness. That means we are "disciplined" enough that you won't be able to change our minds - and that drives you crazy.

Of course there are counterfeits out there. Of course there are people that don't really "get" our faith and yet profess to be a Christian for political or monetary gains. Again, don't be two faced. If you can accept that there are Muslims that aren't militant - why can't you accept that there are Christians that aren't filled with hate?

It also drives you crazy when our way of life works. When we are able to share Christ with an individual and he/she leaves their homosexual life - you get angry. I recently read a long and "abusive" rant by a gay man because his partner found God and went straight.

It's in our foundational teachings to avoid the very types of behaviors that you cling to. A devoted Christian would not accept as "righteous" some of the things you promote. And that's what you actually oppose. You want me to accept your way of life while allowing you to destroy my way of life.

It's not that you oppose my freedom of speech. You are clinging to the same promise of freedom of speech. Otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to have pride parades. You oppose my way of life and my faith. Your problem is that you want my stamp of approval on what you are doing and if you can't get it - you want to be able to legally force me to accept your way of thinking. You think you should be able to impose your behavior on others. Hum.....exactly what you don't want me to do. You don't think I don't have the right to exist unless I agree with and love your way of life.

That's such crazy thinking.....because, if you are going to "force" me to think like you - you will be taking away my freedoms and then this is no longer a free country and you then don't have the right to your opinions. Which means at some point someone will overthrow your way of thinking. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

I know several gay people and I have always been nice to them and avoided confrontations. I've tried to be kind, remember their birthdays and show the love of Christ. But...I will never agree that it's an acceptable way to live - and that's okay. I believe in vanilla and they believe in chocolate.

However, I can say with no reservations that I believe in the full teachings of the Bible and that is what I live by. I believe that God can change any life and can make it full and whole. I do not believe that we are bound by our feelings or by what we "think" we need. If we truly believe in the almighty then we will trust "HIS" will for our lives and we will live for Him completely.

I don't believe that abortion is right nor do I believe that we should murder babies for convenience sake.

I don't believe that pornography or any sexual perversion is good for this country or our children faith teaches against all types of sexual perversion. It's not outdated and many psychologist and scientist agree.

I don't believe that Hollywood should be given a blank check to produce any filth they desire in the name of art.

I don't believe that children should be allowed to misbehave simply because parents don't want to take a proper stand.

I don't believe that young lives are ever wiser because of pre-marital sex. Nor do I believe that humans are incapable of saying "no" to enticements or temptations.

I do believe we should strive for a "pure" life and work hard to make this country better. I do believe that we should be compassionate even when we are called on to train and instruct.

I do believe that God is in control but only as long as we give him the ability to work in our lives. And I believe that it is up to us to use our brains to make good decisions and to rely on God to lead us in those decisions.

I also believe that when we refuse to include God in making our decisions that many times he will let us suffer the consequences of a bad decision.

I think the most simple definition of my faith comes from Albert Einstein when he said, "God is strict but he ain't mean."

God loves you,


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