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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's Wrong - in a nutshell...

American life has become the new "weather" talk. When I was young I remember hearing the old statement, "Everyone talks about the weather but no one can do anything about it."

That statement was a recognition that something was wrong but also that you just had to accept it. Go along. Do your best to survive.

Now that our American way of life is being attacked and we feel helpless and overwhelmed to stop any of it, Americans are adopting the "weather" philosophy. They feel that if there's nothing they can do to stop it, they better just hunker down and endure it.

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So what's wrong with America - in a nut shell?

We've forgotten how to live this life and the one thing that's important!

Life isn't about money or jobs or achievements or even sex. Oh, we've been conditioned to think that. We've been conditioned to think that failure in any respect - on any topic - would be the worst thing that could happen. We can't say to our spouse - "Not tonight dear". We can't say to our boss "No thanks for the promotion - it will take too much time away from my family." We can't say to our child, "You got a D! Shame on you - you are better than that." Instead we have to take a pill, neglect our families and accept the school philosophy to do away with grades.

And now, the new philosophy is to say to a pregnant woman, "You don't really want a child. Let me kill it for you." That philosophy has opened up the new statement included in Obama's healthcare package - "You are too old. You can't possibly be of any use to us. Let me show you how to kill yourself."

No, we are such gluttons that we have to have everything. Our children must be the smartest and our house must be the biggest. We have to make a large salary because we have to drive the fanciest cars and eat in only the best restaurants. We are told that if we don't have a $200,000 home and a wide screen TV that we can't possibly live a productive or happy life.

What's wrong with that? It leads us to believe that if we can't do it that we have the right to ask someone else to do it for us. We have to have medication or a fake degree or a government subsidized home.

BUT....none of that will do it. We will still be miserable inside. Why? Because the only time success feels good is when it comes as a result of hard work.

You can't change that! No government can solve it and No pill will make it okay.

And can't solve it either. I know two families right now that are suffering because their children are on medications. But why are they being so heavily medicated? Because the parents can't accept the fact that their children don't want the college degree. They don't want to push to be the smartest and they don't want a large home, two children and four fancy cars. What they do want is a nice little job that will give them enough money to rent or buy a tiny house and enough time to enjoy their life.

Mom and Dad keep pushing and the children just want out. Doctors think they are suicidal so medications are delivered and everyone is miserable. Why....because little Johnny doesn't want the hype.

What America needs to do is get back to basics! Ask yourself two questions. What is really important in my life? and What am I doing to take care of and protect that one thing?

I am a writer. I love to write. But....I know what's important in my life. My family and my faith. If being a writer compromises either one of those - I won't like myself. So...writing is something that I do when those other two are in place. When my parents came for a visit in May/June.....writing took a backseat. When my son calls because he needs a pep talk from mom - I move away from the computer. That way, when I lay down at night, I know I've done my best. I've taken care of the most important thing and I did the best with the rest of my life.

If you ask yourself the same question and you arrive at the same answers but you work an hourly wage job - you may not be able to take off when you want. But....maybe you'll wait to buy that new car so you can make an extra trip to see Grandma this summer. Or maybe you'll decide not to buy the house because you want to tithe or you simply want the time to go to the park and talk with a friend. Maybe you'll turn down a $100,000 because you want to keep your simple lifestyle?

What? Are you crazy? Who would do that? George Washington Carver held over 400 patents for his inventions. (Being poor doesn't keep you from being productive) When Thomas Edison asked him to come work for him at $100,000 a year, Carver declined citing that he could get more work done for the people in his makeshift run-down laboratory. When other businessmen offered to purchase his patents, he would give them away instead commenting, "I will not make a profit on a God given talent."

Americans are looking to the government to bail them out because they forgot that the most priceless thing in their lives is to have the "freedom of time" to be everything God wants them to be as a person. Instead Americans are looking for ways to be famous or popular without being a worthy person or doing the work required for the position.

God's way is best. Observe the 10 commandments. Be a person of quality and honor. Be present with your family and keep life as simple as possible. Let God make the determination of who rises to the top and who doesn't. When you make success in any area more important that quality of life - you are in danger.

If you concentrate on being a respected individual, you'll avoid affairs, divorce, some illnesses, stress, delinquency in your children, and a lot of mental torture.

Listen to the simpleness of the following gentlemen. He's got it right. Perhaps we all need to re-evaluate our lives and realize that we were a thousand times better when the government left us alone and allowed us to work hard, worship in freedom and take responsibility for our own "simple" lives.

God loves you,


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