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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dancing over nothing

A dear friend called today, giggled and explained that she was "literally" dancing in her kitchen over....a simple little hope.

She has been fighting depression over the current state of affairs in America and worried about the genocide of the elderly built into the Obama care health plan. She worries that her son and daughter will not be able to survive the massive taxes of the cap and trade. She cries over the millions of babies that will be destroyed this year by her tax dollars. And she asks God to deliver the thousands of people bound by drugs, sexual perversion and a loss of faith.

She was watching a news broadcast and heard that because democrats were now fighting over how to pay for Obama care - the bill might actually fail. Based on the hope that it would miserably fail - she was laughing like a child and doing the Watusi over her steamed veggies.

She stopped for a moment and seriously asked, "Is it bad to be excited? Why am I so excited? This thing may pass somewhere down the road and it still may force me to have a long and painful death."

After a quick prayer together I tried to explain her euphoria.

She's not alone. About 2/3's of this country is feeling depressed. I spend a good part of my day involved in a one man debate about who's really in control and the fact that even if I lose it all tomorrow - for today I'm still fairly free and personally okay. Millions of people across the country are trying to do the same. Some turn to their Bibles, or to church, some to overwork, some to writing, some sleep away the days, some to playing with their children, some hold protest and some wander into bad habits like alcohol or drugs.

Most of those who feel the depression are older. We are the children of WWII vets who have enjoyed the freedoms those veterans secured for us. Not all of us are senior citizens but we are old enough to have studied history in an educational system before the liberals changed our textbook facts.

Many of us lived through the transformation of America after WWII and we know what worked for America and what didn't. We listened to broadcast that confirmed who was responsible for freedom around the world. We found respect and honor in those leaders and it was easy to follow them. Our leaders weren't so concerned about polls and re-election that they sold out the very constituents that put them in office.

We were the strong American public that stood at attention when the flag went by, held a hand over our heart when the National Anthem was sung and let tears flow down our cheeks because we identified with our "free" America. America was just as unique as our own DNA. She wasn't Mexican, Chinese or even black. America was just that - American! She spoke English, punished criminals and demanded excellence from every inhabitant. America was a Christian nation with Christian values and strong people.

We also enjoy the sweet memories of an America that was hopeful, patriotic and Christian. We experienced days of hard work, families that loved each other, governments that stayed out of our lives and the hope that we could do anything if given the chance. We dressed in our best to load the car on Sunday morning and drove our entire family to church. We heard sermons about integrity, strength, forgiveness and hard work. We insisted that our children be respectful, honorable and kind to everyone. We observed manners, promoted education and didn't mind being a role model for our children. We thought the ten commandments was a great way to live.

We wanted excellence. To strive to be "dumb and dumber" was not a part of our character. We didn't want the same playing field for everyone. We respected hard work and enjoyed watching our children give their very best in an attempt to win. The trophy or title was not the most important. Being your best was. We wanted the chance to be the best, the top of the hill, the strongest and make the most of all our talents. We loved our valedictorians and thought it was a huge display of unsportsmanlike behavior to want to bring their achievements down so our laziness wouldn't look so bad.

We were America. We were closely tied to her success and her goals. Every time an achievement was made - it was made in the parameters of being an "American".

Now we tearfully watch as those goals, values and ethics are killed. As those freedoms are taken away from us - we feel as though "we" are dying as well. Advice from seniors about "the good life" is ridiculed and with that ridicule we feel as though our heart is going into cardiac arrest.

When we see even a spark of hope, it's no wonder that we want to dance. We can't control our emotions when we think someone - anyone is coming to the rescue of this land. Like watching a patient in intensive care - our breath catches in our throat when we see even the most minute change in behavior.

Don't you dare believe the liberal slant that rejoicing over the death of a bill that will hurt your beloved land is somehow mean or cruel. as hard as you can. Pray....pray as hard as possible that the liberal agenda to destroy America will not succeed. March in the parade, salute the flag and protest the killing of your America!

We giggled some more and then we both danced!

I am praying that there will be even more opportunities to dance.

God loves you,


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