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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Common Sense by Glenn Beck

I know many of you are struggling with the information coming out of Washington. Many people have cried on my shoulder feeling that the America they love is being murdered on a daily basis. One grandmother told me that she feels depressed because her grandchildren will never know the same freedoms she grew up with.

I talked with a Pastor that wouldn't look me in the face. "I have betrayed my country. I honestly thought maybe I was being more spiritual if I encouraged people to just pray for our country and then vote as they pleased. I wish I would have taken a hard stand on the last election. I wish all pastors would stood against this liberal monster that is destroying our freedoms. Instead, now I feel like I've betrayed Christ and my members."

I tried to be consoling as we prayed together....but I also realize that wrong doing comes with consequences. If we don't stand against injustice, we will suffer the consequences.

That's why I'm spending so many hours working on my next book, Child of Light. It's a massive novel about a family that must survive a meltdown of American values, economic downturns and violence. It is NOT an end times book. God will not return at the end of the series. They must survive and accept the responsibility of rebuilding the freedoms that were lost. I believe it can be done!

I listen to Glenn Beck (Fox Cable News - 5:00pm) everyday. Not because it's pleasant to hear about all the nonsense - but because I believe he really is trying to bring us the truth. He's trying to shed light on the cause of our problems. I'm also reading his newest book, Common Sense.

PLEASE get this book! It will be the best $7 you've spent all year. It's a history lesson and an explanation of what needs to change. It's easy to read and a fast reader can run through it in record time.

One of the many alarming facts he points out in his book is "gerrymandering". It's a tool used by many politicians to restructure a district so they are guaranteed a win for re-election. Obama is going to try to use this tactic with Acorn and the census. Read the book. Knowledge is power and we must be ready.

Thank Goodness my security is in God. Washington can't be trusted.

God loves you,


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