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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Regrets are the worst kind of pain....

Last Sunday our pastor emeritus preached and started his sermon by talking about the 4th of July. He praised our country and the men and women who have fought for it over the years. Then he stopped for a moment and looked over the audience. His voice broke as he announced as loudly as possible. "This country is still a Christian Nation - I don't care what the president says."

As he fought back the tears he asked us all to stand and sing God Bless America. He said the words would be displayed on the screen. I leaned over to my friend Viki and said, "Why would we need the words? In my day everyone knew the words and all the verses."

I know that my pastor was feeling the pain of regret. I don't know if he was one of those ministers that asked us to accept Obama right after he was elected. But I do know that some of those pastors are reeling from the things that Obama has done to our country and our Christian Faith. I feel sorry for them and don't want to make light of their pain.

Yet....I'm thankful that at least I was decisive and stood on the side of "faith". Regrets, especially on the magnitude floating around, are the worst kind of pain.

When I look at what this man has done in only six short months, I am positive that he was NOT part of God's divine will. I am positive that he is only in office because so many Christians were blinded by their own greed or sense of purpose that they didn't pay attention to where Obama's allegiance really was.
God does allow us to make our own decisions and when we mess up he also allows us to suffer the consequences.

Let's take a look at what Obama has done for Christians.

1. He is forcing Christians to pay for abortions not only in this country but all around the globe. You may not get a receipt for that, but when your tax money supports that initiative, you are paying for the abortion.

2. He opts out of the prayer breakfast, hasn't attended church anywhere since he's been in office and yet declares that gay pride will be celebrated at the White House.

3. He wants me to believe that he is a Christian when we have never seen him pray, know that he sat under a speaker for 20 years at a church (sorry can't call him a real pastor) that spews hatred for America and he quotes the Quran perfectly and says that Muslim prayers are among the most beautiful.

4. He voices strong opposition to the killing of a doctor who brutally murdered over 60,000 babies just minutes before they were born - yet brushes off the murder of a brave soldier at a marine recruiting office.

5. He wants the gay lifestyle to be promoted in elementary schools.

6. Just yesterday he invited the Gay community to the White House so he could praise their efforts and promised that he was in the fight with them. According to One News Source, He stated that Congress should repeal what Obama referred to as "the so-called Defense of Marriage Act" -- and that his administration is working to pass a hate crimes bill and to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuals in the military.

He even went so far as to say..."Many Americans still disapprove of homosexuality. There are still fellow citizens, perhaps neighbors or even family members and loved ones, who still hold fast to worn arguments and old attitudes."

I am offended when he calls my faith - worn arguments and old attitudes.

7. He chooses to stand for the queen of England, brushed off the Israeli President but he bows to the King of Saudi Arabia.

8. He says he must stay out of Iran's fight for freedom but he immediately comes out against a coup in Honduras stating that it's illegal.

9. He wants to socialized health care even when we can't afford it - but that's okay, he plans to partially pay for it by limiting the amount of deductions you can take for charitable contributions. - Pastors can take a big gulp on that one.

10. He is hugely in favor of a Hate Crimes bill that is specifically slanted toward pastors and Christian stations.

11. He has appointed a supreme court nominee that promises that your case will NOT be judged on it's merit but rather on whether it will be good "socially" for the country. She plans to take your race, color and religion into account before she even looks at the law. She blatantly thumbs her nose at the Constitution thinking that she is a wiser voice than the intellectuals that started this country.

12. WATCH out for the 2010 census. I don't plan to give them anything but my name, address and how many are in my household. Why? Have you seen the questions? They want to know what time you leave for work, if you come home during the day and when you return at night. If...some of the horror stories materialize and the government wants to round you up for some reason, they will have everything they need to know about you in order to rand sack your house or when to find you at home.

Hum..... I'm sick to death of bigger government. And Mr. Obama is still NOT my president.

I hope you are praying for our nation. Our Christian Nation. We are losing our freedoms and losing them at an alarming fast pace. I hope you are finally seeing that this man is evil and is doing his best to strip this country of its Christian morals, values and foundations. We will never be free if we "coddle" this type of behavior with meek and mild "I'm going to love you anyway" Christianity. We need to be as the Bible instructed, "wise as serpents yet gentle as doves." Christian and American freedoms are closely related and we need to understand that we MUST fight for those freedoms.

What can you do? Listen to the negative as well as the positive. I don't watch the big three since they are in Obama's pocket. I watch Fox Cable News. Write your congressman and Senators and tell them if they continue to vote for unchristian bills that you will work to vote them out of office. Let them know your concerns.

In four days we will celebrate the Independence of this country. I hope you are inspired to join the contemporary movement to return this country to its Christian foundations.

God help us!

God loves you,


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