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Sunday, June 14, 2009

True Inspiration

Do you wonder if you can survive storms that loom ahead of you? I often do. I hope I'm strong enough - but does anyone really know until the storm consumes you?

Last week I was watching Beck on the Fox News Cable station as Glenn Beck interviewed Blake Haxton of Columbus, Ohio. He's a high school senior that was being pursued for the Harvard Rowing Team. They showed pictures of what he looked liked in January before he contracted a terrible disease. Within a matter of weeks he was at death's door and had lost both his legs.

As Beck interviewed his father, tears ran down my cheeks. This young man who had lost most of his dreams was one of the most positive people I've listened to. He attributes his miraculous recovery to his family, friends and most of all God and his praying loved ones. He talked about his future with hope and exciting anticipation.

It's not the Beck interview, but if you want to be really inspired, I encourage you to check out the following video.

For more information about his condition and to see a before picture check out the following article ...

God loves you,


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