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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Socialism is a "lazy" way of life

I just don't get it. I don't often "rant" but today I'm angry. I keep wondering when people will wake up and smell the coffee! I can't believe that the United States actually has a backing for a socialistic way of life. Socialism will destroy America and the American way of life - and I don't care who is hurt by that statement. Sorry - the American way is to tell the "TRUTH" and not cover it up with a lie about change.

Socialism depends on the masses being stupid. At the core of socialism is a working mass that supports the upper class but doesn't have a chance of breaking into the upper class. The masses work and give everything to the pot to support all the lazy idiots that either refuse to work or simply have learned how to play the system and get out of work. Yes, they are idiots. Anyone who refuses to take responsibility for their own way of life and their own circumstances is nothing more than a spoiled childish brat idiot! I'm not sorry about that statement. I am sorry that so many people are comfortable with failure and mediocrity. I love excellence and I crave seeing it in others.

The devastating crimes behind the socialist way of life is rarely talked about. Take a look at our cities and the strides we have made in this country. Look at the way we care for our homes and the way individuals work night and day to reach the American dream. Now shift overseas to socialist countries and take a trip off the beaten path. When you leave the "photo op" destinations and take a look at the common man you will find hopelessness, despair, and a total lack of pride. If the government owns everything and tells you what you can and can't do with your life - what's the point of trying? What's the point of working hard? Why would you even try to make your life better?

In a socialist state the individual is put down. Efforts for excellence isn't rewarded but rather is ignored. Only the elite have real lives. Since they are so out of touch with the common man they become cruel, unfeeling and willing to crack down on anything that would rob them of their status. It's a horrible LIE that they take care of individuals - Socialism is in the business to strip individuals of everything they have and every desire for excellence.

America was founded on the desire to leave the class rule and have freedom to grow, think, create, worship and dream. Why would anyone want to trade that for chains and a government that controls everything?

Laziness! If you don't want to get off your behind and find a job - get the government to pay for you and your 5 children.
If you don't want to work harder, get an education and save for medical care - get the government to pay for it.
If you don't want to strive for a better life, sacrifice for what you want, pay your own way ----if you are jealous of those that do work hard ---then get the government involved.

Our lives will be controlled, taxed and void of most of our freedoms. Pride in yourself, your homes and your work will be non-existent. Dreams will be a thing of the past - an unreachable mist, a tortured thought. But go ahead....promote the masses and kill the individual. That's what lazy people do.

Lazy people are sneaky. They don't approach you with a frontal attack. They come from behind. "We don't want to hurt anyone. We are concerned about the poor people. We just want to help and make everyone happy." What a lie! No one can be happy when only a few succeed.
Think back on slavery. If you look past the obvious moral and Christian objections - why didn't it work? It's similar to socialism. One big guy provides your home and everything you need and all you have to do is do whatever he asked. It didn't work because it destroyed individual hopes and dreams. It destroyed the individual in favor of the mass of work. Slaves didn't care about the work - they just didn't want to receive a beating. And...the only person succeeding was the owners.

Last week in New York the school system decided to abandon the recognition of Valedictorians. The board felt that it made other students feel bad and was unnecessary competition for the students. They will continue to recognize the achievements of sports figures and artistic endeavors but not the intelligent, hard working kids.

What a bunch of losers! Some idiot of a parent probably complained because her dumb and dumber child can't read much less do any homework so her jealousy and lazy way of thinking is to punish the hardworking senior that has excelled in academics. This is lunacy! Be honest America and just tell these parents of losers to try "parenting" their own lazy child instead of bullying the succeeding child.

I know that my readers are not idiots and I know that all of you are concerned and hard working. You must be one more thing must be vocal as well. We are in a fight for the traditions and morals that made this country great. Don't let people intimidate you. Speak up, write your representative, put your senator on speed dial, write a weekly letter to a prominent politician and insist that we remain a strong, intelligent and hard working country. If you opt for change on our American freedoms, ideals and dreams - you deserve what you get.

God loves you,


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