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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lies, Lies and watch the eyes!

Ten years ago I spent my mornings watching ABC's Good Morning America. I sipped on my coffee, readied the house for my in home daycare and praised Charlie Gibson when he said something religious.

Slowly however, I watched as the content became more liberal and at times just silly. Even though I counted on Charlie to get me through the devastation of the twin towers, it didn't take long for me to see the liberal slant and at times just down right lies.

Six years ago I found Cable Fox News and I was thrilled at the fair and balanced way they handled the news. They try to see both sides and yet stick very close to the common person, our Christian heritage and the freedoms we all hold dear. I trust them. For the last six years I refuse to watch the big three stations at all. (No, I don't even watch American Idol)

However, tonight I decided to see if Charlie Gibson, ABC news and Mr. Obama might "do the right thing" on their health care special. For one hour I shook my head in disbelief. I saw so many "used car" sleazy cons that I was just sick.

They started the program talking about how fair and balanced they were and that they were going to represent all sides. They said there were Republicans and Dems in the room and that they represented all views. Yet, when they asked the question...."Who in the room believes the health care system should be left alone?" No one raised their hands. It was the first clue to the "orchestration" of how this was presented.

First of all there are thousands if not millions of people that believe the health care system should be left alone. Don't tell me they couldn't find even one or two people that felt that way. What is more believable is that they could find them - the president refused inclusion because they would have given his agenda a negative twinge.

If you paid attention to Mr. Obama's eyes, he shifted them back and forth and always looked down just before he said, "Well, now...we of course don't want to deny anyone care or treatment, but we have to be logical." I hope you know that's code for "Of course we are going to deny treatment." Later in the show he even set the stage for his attack on the sick and injured. "Denying treatment is already going on. Providers will often deny treatment simply by not covering some treatments or by raising deductibles or when you run out of money." He stopped there and then let Charlie ask another question. Of course his little con game is to set you up - just like he has orchestrated Wall street - and he will sucker you into government controlled unattainable health care.

The most telling however was his first illustration. He was talking about his grandmother and the fact that she had cancer and broke her hip. "We had to make the decision, do we take care of her hip when she was frail and would not recover from the cancer." I kept waiting for him to say what they decided. He didn't.

I've heard that Mr. Obama believes that the elderly should be denied care based on whether or not they could be productive afterward. In other words, if you are 70 and need an cornea transplant - you would not receive it because you wouldn't be able to make the same use of it as a 30 year old would. Tonight he convinced me that he believes in that type of governmental intervention.

It was also evident that he believes strongly that too much is done to try to solve the mystery when a patient can't easily be diagnosed. He stated over and over that "too many treatments and tests are unnecessary." Unnecessary to who? If you have a disease that is killing you but no one can determine why....tests can rack up quickly. Does Mr. Obama want you to just go home and die? It's just as important to pay attention to what he doesn't say as well as what he does.

This president is a fake. He is a great con man that is capable of spinning lies into nice little webs that will trap you. Be very careful.

If I'm working with someone that lies and gives me half truths 60% of the time, I am going to refuse to believe them even for the 30% truth that might be true. It's not smart to believe that kind of person because how can you know which 30% is really true?

The last web of lies was when he tried to talk about how he's going to pay for all this. Do you realize that he wants you to believe that enough Americans will magically get well on this new system and that's how he will pay for it? That's what he kept saying over and over. "We will save billions on treatment because we will be in the business of prevention." What about the people that are sick now? What about those that have already passed the window of prevention? What about people that have problems that are genetic and can't be prevented? is it going to help the government when it's my personal insurance that will be saving money on my prevention efforts----unless you already have in mind that the only option will be one government health care? That's the only way the "government" can save money one me. Does that mean you are lying when you say that I will be able to keep my personal insurance?

I could point out other inconsistencies and lies, but enough. I encourage you to write your congressman and let him know that you didn't believe Mr. Obama's lies. I encourage you to think long and hard about the quality of life you will have when governmental health care decides not to pay for your treatment unless you lose 20 pounds and stop eating cake. I encourage you to imagine your feelings and response when your husband is in the hospital with some mysterious problem and the government won't let the hospital do a cat scan because he's almost 80.

Don't let this happen. Take a stand now.

God loves you,


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