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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Va. Tech, America, the war, our Freedom, Christianity

That's a lot to cover in one post. But actually as I read through proverbs (especially Proverbs 16) thinking about the state of the world - it's all related.

Proverbs 16:16-17 in the NIV states, "How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! The Highway of the upright avoids evil; he who guards his way guards his life."

America has become a nation of "reactors". We no long plan for a better future, but rather we react to the present. And perhaps there are so many negative influences and so few truly honorable people that time constraints make it difficult for the honorable to take the time to make a plan.

Let me put that on a level that we all can relate to. If parents do not take the time to make a "family" plan and a "parenting" plan, they will face the consequences. This is important - there is no perfect child and no perfect parent. We will all make mistakes. But it is also important to make our plan so that we can avoid the big mistakes and deal with the small ones.

What many families are prone to do however, is to react to the present problem. Johnnie pitched a fit. It's been a busy day at work and everyone is busy getting ready for supper. Temper tantrums, selfishness, anger issues - receive little more than a time out. Parents don't realize that those are the same issues that will turn ugly when the child becomes a teenager. If those issues are not explained and overcome at three they will be insurmountable at 17.

Likewise on a larger level, America is so concerned with freedom and freedom of speech that we have produced a magnitude of manipulators that are not men and women of honor but rather are the products of selfishness and illogical thinking. Many simply want a forum for their own desires and views regardless of what that does to others. For example, many politicians and celebrities are not concerned with the healing of America. They don't really care if this world is better for the masses. All they are concerned about is that the masses vote for them, put them in office and allow them power. Since that is their motive, they become illogical. They promote issues that don't allow progress, but simply soothe the deviant behavior of someone with money and power so they will once again elect them or allow them to stay in the limelight.

What we need are leaders who are more concerned about making America better and doing what is "right" not what will save their job. We need heroes in our everyday lives. Someone - somewhere needs to take a stand and "instruct" American on how to live better lives. Our politics, our homes, our schools will never be better than the people that inhabit them. So how is that accomplished?

While there are many authors and speakers that are trying to address the problem, we must be wise about our freedoms. America's freedom should be treated like Kudzu. Kudzu was brought to this country from Japan as a conservation tool. It's a leafy plant that was used to help farmers in the south replenish the nutrients in the soil and to conserve the erosion of soil on highway banks and coverts. For a while the southern people were happy and liked the way the Kudzu vine would wrap around anything, grow as much as 12 inches in a day and made the landscape look lush and green. The love affair with Kudzu ended when it became apparent that Kudzu was an extremely destructive plant. When planted by the side of the road in only one summer Kudzu would cover all surrounding bushes and trees and would kill saplings. Over the course of a few summers, Kudzu could topple and kill even large Georgia Pines. Once it gained a foothold, it would take years of chemicals, mowing and aggressive manipulations to kill Kudzu.

Why is America's freedom like this destructive plant?
Freedom can only be enjoyed when it is controlled.

We must decide what America is going to be and then cut, prune and eliminate until we achieve that plan.
Freedom cannot be all inclusive.

Let me say that again. Freedom cannot be all inclusive. Leftist don't want to hear that. They are promoting that we can have freedom for all views and all people regardless of their beliefs and lifestyles.

But it simply doesn't work that way. The old saying "Your freedom stops where mine begins," needs to be reinforced. If we want a country that has the same quiet communities and patriotic values that we had in the 50's, then we must insist that some things will not be allowed. Go back with me to the little town of Marion, Indiana. I grew up in that small Mayberry-Andy Griffith type town. Were there people that didn't live good lives there? Of course. There will always be crime and deviant behavior. But that town would have had no problem asking a pornographer to leave. That town would have had no problem requiring a gang or a pimp to leave or be arrested whether they had committed a crime or not.

What I'm trying to pose to you is a deeper philosophical question. Societies cannot function properly without structure and that means some thoughts and lifestyles will be excluded. If a society does not become structured - the end result will be that evil conquers! Why? Good does not need to be structured. Good will be compassionate and kind and willing to bend. Evil Conquers. Evil will rise to the top and demand that it is given power. Evil exists to conquer.

The only perfect response from those who want a free and happy America is that we must go to war against all evil. Otherwise, like Kudzu when evil is given perfect freedom - it will destroy us.

Regardless of all the talk about why Cho did what he did at Virginia State, we must realize that there are hundreds of reasons. Many of those reasons may involve his family life, medications or lack of, his dreams, his faith or lack of and his extended family and friends. But many of those reasons may also involve American laws that allow makers of violent films, video games and music to exist.

Don't scream at me! I understand the freedom of speech. But I also think there should be limits on that freedom. You should have the freedom to say that you are angry, to let others know that you are upset with certain situations. But do it through proper channels. Write those you are angry with. Sit down with those that upset you. Ask for help with those troubling situations. DO NOT fill the airways, movies and game rooms with enough violence to anesthetize anyone to taking lives.

I understand the freedom of speech and how we all have the right to do whatever we want with our own lives. But you should not have the right to inflict a destructive viewpoint or way of life on unsuspecting good people. You do not have the right to place pornography where it will attract small children who have not had time to be properly trained by parents. It should not be allowed on the web and it should not be allowed in stores. Americans are allowing destructive people to become millionaires by taunting the weak and pulling them into a destructive lifestyle.

Read my post My Oh My - that's mine. This country is YOURS and MINE. This is MY AMERICA. You may not agree with my viewpoints and that's fine. But what do you agree with? And how are you going to accomplish a society that reflects your viewpoints? America has gotten more dangerous and our children are more at risk. WHY?

What are YOU going to do to change the situation. Gun control will not stop campus violence. A person bent on hurting others will simply find another way to do it. The answer is in making sure that our society helps honorable intelligent people rise to the place of power. The answer is in creating a society that supports good people and eliminates the path to power for those that are not honorable.

America should no longer tolerate dishonorable behavior from it's politicians, it's clergy, it's newscasters and it's homes. It is not the president of Virginia Tech that is responsible for safety in this country and on campuses - it is all of us.

I am heartbroken for our country and the future of our children, America, Soldiers, Christianity and most of all Freedom. I sat yesterday and cried for the victims and their families. It hurt me deeply to think of their pain. Yet, while hearing newscasters calling Cho names, I prayed for his parents as well. I thought of their embarrassment and the guilt they must feel. I wondered if Cho's mother was holding his baby picture and wondering what happened.

I closed my eyes while hearing Nikki Giovanni's speech and saw an outline of America and all the inhabitants were hurting. Maybe not everyone cries for Virginia Tech, but like Giovanni's speech, there is pain everywhere. Innocent people are being hurt on a daily basis. Some are being hurt by truly evil people and some are being hurt by those they trust. What can we do?

I am here. I am here to love you, to commit my life to helping you. I am here to take a stand for honor and justice and Christianity. I am here to say to all, "Debbie Jansen wants to make this world a better place." I am here to pray for you. I am here to comfort you. I am here to administer compassion for all situations and instructions to put us on the road to healing. I am here.

I pray God's blessings on you all. Together we can make a difference.

God loves you.


1 comment:

Michael J. May Sr said...

First let me say, I am mad. i am mad , not at what happpened in VA, but because I wasn't suprised. I believe there is more hate in the world now than there ever was. In the years since 9/11 I have become shock proof. I watch the news, read newspapers and seldom does a day go by that I don't wonder how much worse can it get?
It was very evident for years that this "person" had serious problems. At one point one of his teachers recommended him for counseling! That was the reaction for the violence and sickness he was putting down on paper in a creative writing class?? How about a paddle to his backside and throw his butt out of school! that would have been doing something about it and maybe it would have been a wake-up call for him. Counseling. these days if you are not in counseling, something is wrong with you. Go recommend counseling to an alcoholic who drinks a case of beer a day and see how far you get. Take his family away or put him in jail for DUI and THEN ask him again, the answer would be different I think. My point is this. We have become too soft. We don't want to offend or upset anyone, God forbid! The Bible speaks of rightous anger. Example being, Jesus in the Temple with the money-changers. Jesus overturned tables!! Do you think if Jesus had walked in there and started wringing his hands and told them that what they were doing wasn't right and that they should seek some counseling and that everyone still loved them, anything would have changed? No, no , no. Now don't get me wrong, i think counseling is a great tool. It has helped me a good bit. I haven't been able to look at a couch the same way in 10 years because Debbie Jansen was constantly calling me to a "meeting" on the couch in her living room. I learned quite a bit from her and her gentle nudging in the right direction and her words of wisdom.
There is an old saying that goes "To get the mules attension, you must first hit him between the eyes with a board." Until we start using that "board" and start getting peoples attention our lives are in danger, our freedoms will continue to erode, our right to disagree will decrease and the "left" will win and put my Christianity in a box.
Laws mean nothing without morals to guide them. Morals just float without laws to make them real.
I want my Lord to be proud of the nation founded by His laws and in His name. I believe He is a little ashamed of the direction we have taken this "One nation under God". If we keep taking God out of everything and mock his laws, he will look the other way and what happened in VA will sadly be just the beginning.