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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Understanding others

If you find it hard to put yourself in the shoes of others, try renting the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith. I don't recall anything that would disturb Christians or young children. The entire movie will tug at your heart and it will disturb the way you look at poverty.

Will Smith plays Chris Gardner a struggling salesman trying to take care of his family while his wife worked double shifts to support their young son (Will Smith's real son played the part). Chris is presented with a possible dream and begins a six month non-paying internship for one position as Stock Broker for Dean Whitter. His wife leaves him and the test for strength begins. He faces homelessness, jail, wage garnishment and a long list of major and minor trials. Yet, he continues his quest for the job. I was impressed with the lack of blame. The character cried, but never gave up or blamed anyone for his problems. He remained refreshingly responsible through every discouraging event. The end is a wonderful surprise and left me in tears.
This movie is clean, engaging and extremely philosophical. He should have won an Oscar. It was difficult to watch some of the scenes because my heart was breaking for the character. I finally decided I felt that way because I've experienced similar times of complete desperation. When the movie finally found a resolution, I felt like my emotions were just floating in my throat somewhere between not breathing and gushing. When my emotions began to flow, I felt spent. I was exhausted from last night's ride - but what a ride!

The best part.....was in the ending credits. This movie is based on a true life story. WOW!

And while I'm on movies, I'm glad to see that some people in the industry are understanding the need for more affirming clean movies. You must watch "Facing the Giants". It's especially great for teens or anyone needing to see the hand of God in daily circumstances. It was made entirely by a church in Georgia. Since no professional actors were used, some of the acting is a smidgen stiff, but it is a must see. Sony pictures was so impressed that they picked it up for distribution. Your local video store should have copies. The message is wonderful and the end had me in tears. It's a football movie with a huge Christian impact and everyone that I talk to loves it.

God loves you


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