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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Skip Intro

Thanks Jamie ! He fixed the intro so you can skip it and go directly to the site.

I am very grateful. Jamie has been a wonderful help in getting the website up and running but I know he is beginning his busy season, so I'm trying to do more by myself. Jamie is a fantastic photographer and the majority of his business is weddings and senior pictures. He is truly an artist and can make anyone look good - even his Mom!

If you live in the North Canton, Ohio area and you need pictures - do yourself a favor and call him. If you live outside the area he will travel. His website is

Also, Pete Flaherty designed my business cards and all my brochures. Many of the pages on this website are Pete's design. He's a graduate of Evangel University and a wonderful artist and Christian. If you would like him to design something for you, you can contact him through e-mail

You won't go wrong with either of these fine Christian men.

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