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Sunday, April 22, 2007

God is showing off again!

My Dad, Rev. Ken Crocker, loved to tell stories about children. They can shock you as well as tickle your funny bone. More often than not, their pure honesty will reveal some theological truth that we all need to hear.

Today is a beautiful sunny day. I've prayed for this day. I have arthritis. Gloomy days not only pull at my upbeat spirit but also leave my bones aching. On those days my thoughts are filled with prayers and wishing for the sun.

I'm enjoying the birds singing and the swaying of bright tulips in the front yard. If only, I could also smell my mother making fried chicken and strawberry pie - my day would be perfect.

I am reminded of a story my Dad tells about a young mother looking out her kitchen window and fussing about what a horrible day it was. Rain was pelting the window and dark clouds rumbled in the distance. Her young son looked up from his crackling cereal and said, "Never judge a day by the weather. The sun is shinning somewhere."

Out of the mouth of children......

Another Minister used to start every sermon in the summer by announcing to the audience. "Isn't it beautiful outside. God is showing off again."

We should all remember that there is more to our faith than praying for gloomy days to disappear. We should also look around and thank God for all the wonderful blessing we see, smell, hear, taste and touch.

God loves you


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