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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Help me find a new word!

Does anyone else have a problem with the word "blog"? Today was a beautiful day at church. Good music, good sermon and wonderful friends. Everyone was asking about "my blog". I heard someone say....."So, how do you like blogging?"

I wrinkled my nose at him not because I don't like talking with you all but because it just sounds funny to talk about a blog. I keep thinking of that old movie The Blob. I imagine someone sitting at a computer and oozing out in all directions. Oh ick!

On a more serious thought, how many words make you cringe? Do your children stiffen when you yell some nasty comment about their behavior. Does your husband turn and walk away when you bash him with a word that isn't exactly offensive or cruel but scratches at his self-esteem just the same. Maybe while we are b-l-o-g-g-i-n-g we should try to rid our speech of words that fail to leave a "comforting" impression on those around us.

Until we get that accomplished can someone out there help me come up with a new word for blog?

God loves you.


1 comment:

Michael J. May Sr said...

I believe the word "blog", like all things in this modern, technical and overthought society, is the sophisticated way of saying "discussion board". In my simple way of looking at it, this is all it is, a place to discuss topics and things of importance. So lets call it "The Debbie Jansen Discussion Forum" Simple. Straight forward. Right to the point.