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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yesterday was the birth....We still have to raise the child.

Just like all of you, I sat by my TV most of the evening on Tuesday and watched the returns.  Yesterday I continued to pray for this country and watched the last few returns limp in. 

I am excited that so many of our (conservative - tea party) candidates won.  I'm so glad that we took over the house.  I'm so glad that hopefully a bit of sanity will return to our government. 
But....I'm glad - thrilled - excited in the same way a mother is the moment she gives birth.  A mom feels a sense of accomplishment and a sense of release.  She enjoys looking at the newborn and dreaming of the great things he/she will see or accomplish.  She relishes in the fact that his smile reminds her of her own.  She snuggles close and experiences the joy of peaceful slumber.  Finally after a long 9 months of physical changes ending in many hours of pain....her job is finished....or is it?

It's not until a few days later that reality sets in.  She's been up all night trying to figure out why the crying won't stop.  She's changed a mountain of diapers, changed the linen several times and fixed what seems like a hundred bottles.  She's exhausted, still recovering from birth and is facing a new 24/7 job that will last for the next 20 plus years. 

Suddenly she is overcome.  She holds her precious baby for another feeding and begins to cry.  "How am I going to do this?  How can I handle every problem?  What will I say when she faces....?  I'm so tired and yet I still have to serve."  The overwhelming task gets the better of her and she calls hubby for help.  While he holds the newborn, mom has a meltdown.

That's what we are facing.  We didn't solve all of our problems with this election and they won't be solved in 2012.  We gave birth to a new attitude about America.  We finally got off the apathy train and boarded the activist plane.  But....we all must understand as we start to taxi down the runway - this is going to be a long flight.  I'm talking years and years of staying on top of the issues and holding our officials accountable for every vote.

If you think Mr. Obama or anyone else in politics is going to call a halt to their agenda because you sent a message yesterday - get ready for a huge letdown.  They are already planning how to step back and find a different way to accomplish their goals.  I guarantee they have already had strategy meetings about how to spin this to their favor. We have made them angry and we better be ready for a fight. 

I hope you all will join a social site like or subscribe to a Christian news organization like One News Now or even GOPUSA .  It really doesn't matter how you do it, just make sure you are getting the truth and that you continue to act when problems arise. 

The most important thing you can do as a parent to raise a better generation.  Give your children a love for this country.  Help them to be excited about being involved in the process.  Teach them about honor and respect and loyalty.  Teach them to care about others and to work hard.  Teach them about things like how to have a friend, how to have a great marriage and how to be successful in life.  Make sure you concentrate on the things you learned as a child and wish they were present now.  If you don't teach those values to your own children, they will die with you.

If you don't teach those things, your child's ideas and actions will be formed by others.  Even now progressives are trying to change our children's minds.  They want to turn them against America, against faith and toward all kinds of sexual addictions.  Progressive want to train your children to be slaves to the system. 

We must be pro-active.  We must continue to fight.  This is not over - this is just the beginning!  For the sake of this great country, I hope you are prepared for the long fight.  We can do it if we stay together and pray together.

God loves you,


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