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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A lump in my throat that won't go away....

On September 9th I was privileged to speak at the Unite In Action rally in Washington, DC.  Ron and I were awe struck when we saw the hotel.  We were excited to be part of the hustle and bustle of the all the special meetings.  Ron even pitched in and helped with registration.

Though crowds were smaller than expected, the executive team did a marvelous job, providing attention to detail - excellent classrooms - quality teaching and a renewed patriotic spirit.  It was one of the best conferences I've attended.

I taught a class called, "The Patriotic Mom".  What a joy to speak to such an engaged crowd.  They clapped, laughed, cheered and cried.  We all dedicated ourselves to raising patriotic children and to doing all we could to protect the freedoms we have enjoyed in this country.  I believe it was the combined dedication of thousands of moms across this country that helped us with a sweeping win this last Tuesday.

Efforts like those of Barbara Curtis.  She has a wonderful website Mommy Life and continually keeps her readers informed about family issues as well as political issues.  It was an inspiring time when I asked her to join me at the podium.  She is extremely smart and has written a must have book, "Reaching the left - from the right".  If you have liberal friends that you want to reach out to, this book is a must.  (see end of post)

I attended a class given by Allen Keyes and the Ladies banquet where so many wonderful speakers had all of us cheering and grateful to be in America.  I loved meeting all the speakers like Kevin Jackson, Lori Parker, Sharon Slater, and felt the rush of tears sting my eyes as I talked with movie star Morgan Brittney.'s inspiring to know that so many wonderful people love this country and will fight to retain our freedoms.

Ron and I also took a short 3 hour tour of Washington.  Our guide took us to most of the popular memorials.  My favorite was the WWII memorial.  As I walked around and read the inscriptions I could feel the history they represented.  When Ron asked me to pose for a picture at a wall that displayed one of President Truman's quotes, the emotion of all the sacrifices that had been made for my freedom seemed to rest on my shoulders.  I couldn't get my emotions in check and finally cried on Ron's shoulders. 

I thought about the fear so many people felt during those difficult times.  How people at home worried about the shores of this country being overrun with dictators.  I thought about the precious men who lost their youth, were crippled or died to ensure that we would remain free.  I contemplated the fact that their devotion and sacrifice was the only reason that on September 10, 2010 - Debbie Jansen was able to exercise her freedom and attend a conference where she would be allowed to stand up and voice her opinions.  That she would be able to worship in freedom.  That she would be able to continue the beautiful life she had been given.  That sacrifice and devotion to others can't be forgotten.  I hope that today you will take a moment to celebrate the freedoms we have and dedicate your life to ensure that your children will always be free!

God bless all my friends that continue to fight the good fight!  Thank you, Marta, Debi, Ruth and Barbara.
God Bless America!

God loves you,


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