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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are you infected with this dreaded disease?

There is a disease that is destroying the world.  America has an epidemic problem with this disease.  It infiltrates a society and often takes generations to cure itself.

Let's call this disease "Tirmass".  That stands for a person who was not raised properly and has negative qualities that severely damage society.  I've often said that when parents do not use proper methods to keep a child from being selfish and spoiled the consequences will show up in adult life.  Tirmass is an acronym for a spoiled brat who developed into a destructive adult.

T = transference void.  Most normal adults know how to transfer information they receive in one area of their lives to aid them in judging another area of life. People suffering from Tirmass can't do this. For example, if they feel it's wrong for them to lie to their wife - they don't necessarily transfer that information to thinking it's wrong to lie to the public.

I = ignorant.  Since they see themselves as more important than others, they also feel they know it all and therefore don't have to investigate properly, study or listen to another viewpoint. They find it extremely difficult to let go of their own agendas in order to accept that Freedom is "good" for everyone.

R= Refuses proper evaluation of new information.  People with this disease make a conscious effort to discount new information that might disprove their conclusions.  They will go out of their way to insist that any new or old documented information has anything to do with their agenda.  When this is coupled with a transference void, their opinions and thoughts become disastrous for society.
M = Manipulative.    They see themselves as more important than others and insist they know better.  These individuals were probably the bossy ones in preschool and ruled the roost in their homes.  As adults they feel like they have the right to decide what is proper for others.  They are much more inclined to a socialist view than one of freedom but only if they are part of the upper elite and can avoid the consequences for the decisions they make.  Manipulative people are also narrow minded.  They concentrate more on the insignificant than on the important.  Concentrating on the unimportant allows them to continue to manipulate even when they are ignorant. 
A = Arrogance.  People who have Tirmass have a difficult time admitting that they are wrong about anything. In their eyes they have been deemed the caretaker of everyone else - mainly because everyone else is too stupid to care for themselves.

S= Selfish.   People suffering from Tirmass are extremely selfish.  Look for the motive in any decision they make.  It's either to extend their power or it's ultimately for their own good.  They are rarely concerned about others or their feelings.  Their main goal is to maintain power and a manipulative structure.

S= Spoiled.  At the very core of Tirmass individuals is a spoiled rotten nature.  It's all about self and self-serving ventures.  It's all about power and manipulation.  Every decision is self related and is consumed with the preservation of self.  They love to climb the ladder, kicking everyone else on the way.  Most of them try to hide it with statements like "I'm for the masses" or "I just want to help" - but if you look closely you will see the marks of their bootprints on the faces of the innocent.

So why am I talking about this new disease?  Why have I labeled it and given it a name?  Because I couldn't believe an article I read today.

Liz Hull reported that the politically correct have now sunk to a new low.  In her article on Gingerbread Men she reported that council bureaucrats in Lancashire have renamed Gingerbread men to Gingerbread persons cookies.  What?  Now we are so politically correct that we have to worry about the name of foods.

After reading the entire article, I was comforted somewhat by the fact that this may be a school in England.  Unfortunately, we have a multitude of ignorant stupid decisions here in America as well.  Children are being groped at our airports.  An elementary age boy can't display an American flag on his bike.  A seven year old girl is expelled for bringing a butter knife to school to spread peanut butter on an apple.  At a time when preschoolers and elementary age children are only thinking about cartoons and riding their bikes - some idiots are insisting they should know if they are gay - and if they can't determine it - they should be informed they are gar!  That's the epitome of Tirmass.  How stupid!  Before the age of pre-teen, most children hardly know the opposite sex is alive much less what their feelings toward them are!

I am going to pray for all of you today.  I am going to ask God to protect us from this horrible disease.  I encourage you to search your heart and your life and be sure you are not infected.  Then put up a barrier against all forms of Tirmass!  Run for your lives!?!?!?

God loves you,


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