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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

My heart is breaking for every victim of this tragedy. I hope you will join me in prayer for not only the victims, but their families as well.

I appreciate Fox News for having a priest on the morning Fox & Friends show. Rather than just talking about the frightening pictures, they talked about praying for people and the comfort that ministers would provide. They also reported that faith was always important during this type of tragedy.

I was wondering about all the different aspects of this kind of situation and if there was anything we need to learn.

Remember the old adage, "Never go to bed angry." When Ron and I were engaged (married 33 years ago August 9th) everyone that shook our hands reminded us that the most important part of a great marriage was "never go to bed angry."

It's in times like these that I think of that philosophy. I've always thought it was important to send my husband and our children off for the day with a good attitude. I wanted them to remember home with a smile. So, no matter what was happening in the morning, I tried to stay calm - let it go and then kiss them and let them have a good day. Problems can always be handled later. Harsh words or demands for compliance can be and should be dealt with when the family isn't running out to work or school.

That type of philosophy keeps you from all the regrets that some people experience when their last words were angry.

PARENTS - please remember "take away" is important. Life can change on a dime. Prepare for it by leaving the presence of a loved one with words of love. Let your loved one "take away" your love for the day. Don't deny them the power of your love so they can be their best at work or at school.

I understand that there are some relationships that are one sided and the "angry" person often won't let you leave in peace. That's just wrong. Even during a bad marriage or in dealing with a delinquent child.....leave their presence in peace if at all possible. Either reinforce that you "do" love them or at least say kind words like - "I do hope we can work this out later. I hope you have a good day."

There's another saying that's always meant a lot to me. I was about ten years old. Dad took me out to eat. I was excited because it was the two of us and I would have his full attention. We walked into the restaurant and he pointed to a sign.

"60 seconds of anger is 60 seconds of happiness lost"

I've never forgotten that. Nothing in my world could be so important that I would waste 60 seconds of happiness with a loved one. If a simple "I'm sorry" brings me back into the zone of happiness why wouldn't I want to say it. If a simple hug and a smile brings my child back into love with the possibility of having a good day and remembering how much I love them....why wouldn't I want to do that....and do it NOW!

I hope everyone that reads this blog will take a moment and commit to this pledge.

"I make a life time commitment to leave everyone I know and love with a smile and the knowledge that I love them very much. God please help me not to concentrate on the little things but to remember the love. Please help me to never trade a happy memory for the momentary release of anger."

Please God be with all the families and friends of those who are hurt or lost their lives in this tragedy.

God loves you,


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