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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Daily Miracles

I have missed you! I may have said that before, but only because it truly expresses my heart. Every time I sit and write, I am thinking of each of you. I see faces and smiles and feel your burdens. So, yes....I have missed you.

Jamie is finally home and doing better. We first took him to my house for a couple of days so he could get used to a new routine. Then on to his house to put his new skills into place. It's very difficult for him to get around but he's strong and young and doing so much better. We certainly are grateful for God's love and protection - and for your prayers. Jamie is still having some pain and has three months of recovery ahead of him with another three months of therapy beyond that. But he is on the road to recovery and that's wonderful.

Over the last few days I've watched him. Probably more than he would like - but in a way that most mothers or fathers look at their child. I revel in every movement, every smile and every gesture that yells - "Hey Mom, I'm okay!"

This afternoon I was thinking about miracles and how so many people pray for "great" miracles in their lives. We want a new car or all our bills paid. Some people pray for fame or maybe just success at work.

I wondered....."How does God define a miracle?"

Perhaps a real miracle depends on the point of view.

Being able to tie your shoes can be a miracle for a five-year-old, especially if he has some handicap or disability.

Being able to clean your house may be an mountain of a miracle if you have triplets.

Having a troubled teen give you a hug before going to school might rank as a miracle.

Or maybe miracles can be even smaller. Maybe looking at someone who's been very sick and just noticing that they don't wince when they move a scarred leg can be somewhat of a miracle.

Maybe having an unsaved husband pass by your Bible without cursing is a full blown miracle.

Maybe being able to go outside and feel the sun on your face, take a deep breath and in that moment know that God himself looks down on you and smiles - yes, maybe that's the best miracle of all. Just knowing that there is a God and that he cares about you.

He does you know. He's not waiting for you to fail, he knows your going to fail. We all do.

He's not waiting for you to succeed either. He's just watching with love. That's all. Just like you and I watch our children and breathe a little easier with every new accomplishment.

When you forget to have devotions or go for days without reading the scriptures. When you shouldn't fuss but you did and now your child is walking away without your love. When you are so overloaded you snap and snarl at your spouse. When you just couldn't get the work done and you made up a lie to cover your tracks. When life seems to spin around you like a tornado and the debris is more than you could ever clean up.

Guess what? He still loves you. His arms are open wide and he says, "Come rest with me and I'll give you a daily miracle."

Does He take away your problems? No.

Does He cause everyone to fall at your feet and call you blessed? No.

Does he give you everything you want? No.

His miracle is that you see HIM. That you open your heart and your eyes for just a second and you catch a glimpse of Almighty God. In that moment you see life as it is and you feel as though you are a part of Him. Being a part of Him, removes everything else.

It's just for a moment, but in that moment you are refreshed.

God in all His Glory loves you. There's no greater miracle than that.

Close your eyes. Feel Him now.

God loves you.


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