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Friday, May 4, 2007

Your turn to write the article

I'm working on two articles - possibly books. I would like to get as many comments or if you prefer, e-mails as possible. I will use your thoughts as supporting documentation for these articles/books. If you don't want me to mention your name, please include that information.

1. When love is not enough....

Do you believe God requires that a person stay in an abusive marriage?

I'm defining abusive as anything that keeps that person from pursuing God's will for their life. It can be physical abuse or mental abuse. It can be living in such a controlling atmosphere that you aren't allowed to minister to anyone. For example, a person believes God wants them to teach Sunday School. The spouse thinks that will take away from what he/she wants and demands that you not do it. Perhaps it's just such a difficult marriage that the person is totally depressed and doesn't want to do anything.

I welcome any and all comments. I am concerned that churches are filled with good people who can't participate and help because their spouse won't let them or has them complete depressed or scared.

2. Are parents hurting the church by raising spoiled brats?

In other words, do spoiled brats hinder the work of God. Can they hinder the mission or success of the church when they are little? Will they hinder it later on when they can assume an adult role in the church?

Thanks for you help. I will respond to every comment or e-mail. And if you like, if I use your comment you will be given credit in my article.

God loves you,



Michael J. May Sr said...

Spoiled children. Gutless parents. Who pays the price? Children. Almost every day I see parents who want to be a friend to their children instead of a parent. Don't get me wron there is room for both, but being a parent has to take priority.
My 6 year old is about to enter 1st grade and I am just amazed at how many of his friends spend hours in front of the television playing video games or IF they are outside riding on a $300. motorized vehicle. Now, being a guy I think that is some cool stuff that kids have available to them. My son, however, doesn't. One reason is partly monetary, we simply just can't afford them, on the other hand if we could, he still wouldn't have them. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I believe boys should be outside climbing, jumping, riding bikes, digging holes and playing with bugs, all of which my 2 boys do. I get alot of grief from my 6 year old because he doesn't have a motorized car or more video games. I'm sorry but no 6 year old should have a $300.00 toy or game of any kind!! I say no..alot
I am the bad guy, but I see the fruit of my "no" when my boys are playing with a worm or riding their bikes aor simply playing in the dirt. I see active bodies and minds, learning and growing and discovering what God has blessed little boys with. Curiosity. I confess, I am a bad parent, I say "No". I also say "I love you".
I don't spoil my kids, and will not crumble because they cry or yell. I was blessed by God with 2 little boys to love, care for, and raise them into respectable men. I am proud to say that they are well mannered, considerate and for the most part grateful ( hey, they are boys, they are not always good). They are respectful to their elders and call them by Mr. Or Mrs. I am proud of them, I have gotten many compliments about them, not for how they look or how cute they are, but because I am daddy and mommy is mommy and we are the boss. period. We take off or mommy and daddy hats when we play or go for a walk or when Granny or Paw-Paw is around, then they are just surrounded by love.
Love. Discipline. Friends. In that order

Debbie Jansen said...

Thanks Michael! Great Comments. Barbara Curtis wrote a piece on her blog ( about the Virginia Tech incident and was concerned about the lack of heroic efforts from the male students. She attributed a lot of it to the fact that so few boys are encourage to climb, jump, play with bugs and all the boy games they like to play. So we both think you are on target. Good job!

God loves you,